DIY Video Marketing On YouTube

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YouTube is the world’s second BIGGEST search engine. And today, you’re going to learn how to leverage the most used media platform on the planet!

For best results, you’ll need one or more of the following:

  • An 720p HD Video Camera/Phone (Optional – If You Plan On Shooting Video Yourself)
  • Video Editing Software (Optional – Not Necessary But Recommended)
  • Video Assets (Video Tracks, Photos, Voiceover, Audio Tracks, Titles, Copy, Etc.)

Producing your video can be achieved very many ways, from a selfie point of view (POV) to a narrated whiteboard animation, even a short film or a cartoon, the sky is the limit.

There are two types of YouTube video ads: Shorties & Full Lengths.

Shorties are meant to last 5 seconds, the preset period of time ads typically run on YouTube before they can be skipped. Because Shorties are limited by both time and minimal possibility of interaction, since users don’t have to do anything to technically “skip” the ad, Shorties are the easiest videos to produce since they are essentially obvious, in your face calls to action.

Examples of great Shorties include:

One thing to remember with Shorties is, few (if any) of your prospects will have the time to click or tap your ad’s card so it’s important to leave an impression, or enhance a presence, message or mission.

For example, a catchy website address that’s displayed onscreen for the duration of the short video would do well. In the Bitcoin industry something like “” or “” is easy to remember, and when served to a pre-qualified audience, certain to generate awareness and traffic according to trend and budget.

Need help producing your YouTube video ad Shortie? Why not use Veeroll?

As for Full Lengths, you’ll do well to tell a story during which you’ll address your niche, point out a problem or situation and offer a solution. Remember to include calls to action every 30 seconds, and for the love and glory of our Lord, DON’T BE BORING!

Apply the tips and insight above in your YouTube video marketing endeavors and I guarantee you will reap a harvest far greater than the bounty you’d get if you started uploading to YouTube blindfolded… :P


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