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Capitalizing on QR Codes & QR Tags

Today, it’s QR Codes & QR Tags I’m revisiting and teaching you about, those puzzle looking 2D codes that will soon allow you to interact with your audience (customers, clients, prospects, fans, etc.) with zero contact.

I’m sure you’ve seen QR codes or QR tags countless times in the past few years, from advertisements online to coupon flyers in the mail to products in the supermarket, and more recently, even cryptocurrency transaction addresses.

A marketer’s dream-come-true, these tiny images are capable of storing and transmitting loads of data instantly to the smart phones of curious customers and prospects alike. When a person scans a QR code with a smart phone, the tag can do any number of things, including taking the user right to the product’s website!

You can give this a go on your own and Try This Free QR Code/Tag Generator:

Are you concerned with members of your audience who use computers and do not have smart phones equipped with a camera to read QR Codes? That’s no problem! Owning a smart phone equipped with a QR code/tag reader is not critical to your endeavor’s success. After all, you’re not your own customer nor prospect! Using any computer, anyone can easily navigate to a QR Code reader website and use free apps to read and process QR Codes at no charge.

Free QR Code/Tag Reader, Free QR Code/Tag Decoder:

When you are ready to capitalize on QR Codes/Tags, I invite you send me an email to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to further examine your audience and industry.

While QR Codes may seem pretty straight forward, you’d be surprised how profitable they can be when the real time interactive technology is leveraged by yours truly… :)


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