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33 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Janna

    Daniel you have such a beautiful family. I love the way you give glory to God throughout your blog. It is obvious He has blessed you and gifted you with many talents. I hope and pray you will continue to serve our Lord through this blog and your many purpose driven companies.

  2. NETguru

    I read some of your posts, sounds like you found quite the niche — Christians!!! I’m not a believers in many things other than the fact we create the reality we live and thrive in. I too am an internet marketing expert, hard times have me without a job. Not that I think it will help, but if you read this comment please pray for me? My name is Mike btw, I’m in Phoenix AZ.

  3. Chad M.

    Awesome photos! Great car, that’s a 540 right? So you’re a pilot too? Is there anything you’re not good at Daniel? GBU

  4. Evelyn Hill

    Daniel you seem to be blessed with such a wonderful life. Your wife and daughters are gorgeous. Your blog is the perfect combination of work and personal posts, an open book for anyone to gain from. You are a powerful source of inspiration to me and my husband Darren as we embark on a new internet business. God’s Speed Daniel!

  5. Bill L.

    By far the best pictorial I’ve ever seen on any blog. You have the greatest life ever Daniel, God bless you!

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  7. Mark

    I find this interesting – a man – a Non-Believer from Phoenix writes “”I too am an internet marketing expert, hard times have me without a job. Not that I think it will help, but if you read this comment please pray for me? My name is Mike btw, I’m in Phoenix AZ” – He asks for Prayer – and that I am a Believer – I am called to pray for Mike from Phoenix – Thank you.. Mark… also Peace to Daniel and his family. — love the photos.

  8. Andrew

    lol – a BMW? …and is that a private jet?

    wow, how about you sell off the excess and help out your fellow man…brother.

    *nice pic w/the tiger – so if you had REAL faith in Jesus why the protective plexiglass? get in there you champion of Christ! show that lowly beast the power almighty!*

  9. Manon

    These are very beautful pictures thank you for taking time to share. It’s great how you put God first. Keep up to good work.

    1. Daniel St.Pierre Post author

      Kathy, I was ROTC Air Force Pilot training (F18 Hornet) until I was grounded bc of heart murmur. Left the AF and went to work for Disney instead! working for the mouse changed my life forever…

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  11. Imelda FB Maguire

    Hello Daniel St. Pierre,

    It is a great pleasure to meet you as well as to thank you for the free audio’s of John the Baptist. Wonderful story telling of the life of Christ bringing great pleasure to the soul in search for truth within.

    You have a beautiful family there with you, May God Bless you All.



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  13. Paul

    Love your blog and photos Daniel. And, thanks for the free download re. newsletter. I’ll be sure to tell my friends on FB & Twitter about your blog & newsletter.

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  15. Peter L.

    Awesome photos Daniel! First time visitor to your blog, found you on Google when searching for an InfusionSoft consultant and I really enjoyed your post about the guy who got taken for over $20K. I’ll be emailing you shortly.

  16. Manny

    Dear brother Daniel, God has blessed you with a beautiful family and wonderful life. First time visitor to your blog which I found very informative and personal. I feel like I have a new friend!

  17. Pastor Barry

    Daniel, with four lovely daughters raised in the light, you are indeed a blessed man! I found your web site searching for Christian virtual assistants, and was very pleased with the joy I felt looking through your photo album, and reading your mission statement on your ministry site. I say can with great confidence when our Father calls you to the eternal place, you will hear those words we all look forward to hearing: “Well done good and faithful servant!”

  18. Frank

    Daniel, that’s an impressive hand stand in from of the Disney castle! Superb photos I must say. You’re a blessed man brother!


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