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What Is Video SEO? Surefire Tips You Can Take To The Bank!

Video continues to be the most powerful marketing channel out there, and Video SEO still ranks at the top of the Internet marketing ladder. Video SEO is a process by which a “video page” is optimized for search engines.

On the surface video SEO seems pretty harmless, basically the video creator types a title for the video and adds a short description of the video.

But, it doesn’t stop there…

If you want your video to get exposure and generate views, you’ll need more than just a few descriptive words. You’ll need:

1. A Keyword Rich Title

2. A Keyword Rich Description

3. Keyword Rich Tags

4. Accurate Audio Transcript

5. End Screens & Cards

What do I mean by “keyword rich?”

If your video is about fishing, your video TITLE should not be the filename of your video (ex. vid098388765.mp4) but instead, should mention fishing such as “COUGHT A BIG ONE! Fresh Water Fishing On The Hog River.”

Same thing with the video description, use various keywords that are relevant to the video, making sure to switch words around and even mix them up a bit, like “fresh water” and “freshwater” etc. I even use typos in the tag section of my videos to catch an even wider net!

Using keyword rich copy on their video pages, video marketers quickly reach top rankings in niche markets.

As you can see a single video has limitless potential!

Whatever you do the rest of this insane year, remember to invest in Video SEO… It’s worth the small effort! #TGBATG

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