Who I Am…

Daniel St.Pierre DEC is a Faith Driven servant of the Lord Jesus, the risen Christ. The author of this blog has been blessed to be a blessing for over 25 years both on and offline, leveraging a unique skill set as a self-employed contractor since the early 1990’s.

The leading consultant at Cybergenica, and the lead project manager at Glorious Media Group, Daniel is a seasoned Multimedia Production & Internet Marketing Expert who considers himself called to serve clients of like minded faith.

Daniel St.Pierre Sunset Beach, FL

Daniel St.Pierre

In His Words…
Since 1980, I am blessed to have participated in over 1,200 Internet, Television and Radio Shows as well as Print Interviews to news outlets in the United-States and Canada in both English and French.

Addressing the critical need for Christian Faith in the Workplace, my endeavor feature the utmost in purpose driven inspiration.

My most recent faith driven keynote presentation titled “On the Narrow Path” utilizes engaging photographs as well as professionally designed graphics that have a significant impact on audiences large and small.

Hailed as an overachiever by those who really know me, I like to think of myself as driven servant on a mission from God, just like the Blue Brothers…

My perseverance and faith have allowed me to become even more than a professional Christian keynote speaker; I am a self-taught award winning photographer, web producer and internet marketing expert. More importantly I am a husband to a wonderful, godly wife, Elizabeth and a father of four daughters, Grace, Trinity, Faith and Mercy.

I am also the leader of a web based ministry, and sole owner of a half dozen businesses & DBSa which include Glorious Media Group, a Christian Web Production company, the Cybergenica Company, a Faith Driven Internet Marketing agency, the National Motivation Network, a U.S. based interactive service, Biblical Cooking, an enticing culinary site glorifying to God and His word, and many more.

Interested in Booking Me to Speak at Your Event?
With over 1,200 television & radio shows, web casts and podcasts under my belt, as a breakout session speaker, custom session presenter, keynote and/or motivational speaker, I am a clear choice for your event ensuring passionate, content rich delivery.

In 2012 I created a keynote titled “On The Narrow Path” which is described by the media as “Powerful” and “Passionate.” This 30-45 minute speech is at the root of my life’s mission to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and reintegrate faith in the workplace.

I invite you to visit my public speaking web site at DanielStPierre.com for booking details or call 727.674.5681 for immediate assistance.

As your internet marketing consultant or implementation expert I will significantly impact the way you do business online by enhancing your web presence or increasing your web site’s ROI.

I typically start by establishing a “starting point,” finding out where your web site ranks on Google, Yahoo and MSN through a detailed search engine ranking report I produce free of charge (new customers only!).

If your web site’s ROI is not optimal, you don’t want to pass up this extraordinary opportunity!

I invite you to visit Cybergenica.com for details how I can assist you or call 727.674.5681 for immediate assistance.

Refresh Your Existing Web Presence or Create a New One!

Forget the headaches that come bundled with a friend or family member. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, hire a professional. You don’t have to hire me but for your sake and that of your business, don’t work with amateurs even in spite of their intention.

Fact: Good willed people seldom set out to hurt your bottom line however they often do.

glorious-media-groupBy hiring an established professional with both faith AND your bottom line in mind (and theirs in the process) you ensure your project will be a complete success. Since my goal is not driven by greed but by fulfillment of my purpose to serve and glorify Jesus Christ, results and harvest are key motivators in my endeavor to help you and your business prosper.

Call on my company, Glorious Media for web production, graphic design and multimedia authoring that’s certain to impact your web presence positively.