Daniel St.Pierre Surfs World Record 90 Foot Wave

big wave surfing FloridaEarlier today, I squeezed into my Ron Jon rash guard then paddled out to the middle of the Gulf of Mexico where, thanks to North Korea who tested a nuke in the Pacific Ocean, producing tidal waves up to 200 feet that headed straight for the Florida coast!!!

After waiting a couple sets to gauge the waves’ strength, I dove down a 90 footer and had the ride of my life… See for yourself:


Obviously this is a fantasy post. Although I do surf, I am but only a wimpy, small wave surfer incapable of surfing waves this huge. Then again, since I can do all things through Christ…. Surf’s Up dude!


Multitasking Redefined!

multi-tasking guideA few minutes ago it dawn on me, when I found myself enjoying in an endearing moment of bliss laying in my hammock under a tree in my front yard, that I completely redefine multitasking!

While swinging back and forth to a beautiful song made of countless birds, I managed to also be performing the following tasks from my home office in Brooksville, FL:

  1. Make WordPress sites backups FileZilla
  2. Provide Live Help & Support with Crafty Syntax
  3. Convert AVI files to MOV and MPG using AVS4YOU Video Converter
  4. Render an HD 1080p video using Adobe Premiere Pro
  5. Automatically manage clients’ Twitter exposure via top secret software (email me for details! :)
  6. Automatically promote clients’ URLs to blogs via secret software (email me for details! :)
  7. Automatically boost Link Popularity to clients sites via Free Instant Backlinks software
  8. Backup over 140GB of data on a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 2TB external hard drive

What’s amazing is, I was doing all this, simultaneously, while laying in a hammock… wow!

I praise God for His plan for my life, and am immensely grateful I have been working online for well over 20 years, thanks to Al Gore for inventing the Internet… ;)

If you find yourself locked-in a dead end job, where your passion and desire to fulfill God’s plan for your life are snuffed out by your surroundings, perhaps working online is something you should consider?

While it’s certainly not all mornings laying in hammocks, bike rides and days on the beach, it can be quite a rewarding life if you’re intelligent enough to maximize your computer’s time, while you do other things… Remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!


TGIM – It’s Autumn Again!

Autumn is upon us, and for the St.Pierre’s, that means cooler temperatures which will translate into gardening, fishing, hikes, bike rides, days at the beach and for the glory of our risen Savior, ministry outings to the Tampa Zoo, Clearwater Aquarium and of course, one of our favorite mission fields, Disney World!

What’s best about all the outdoor activities above is they’re part of our ministry outreach, short mission trips Elizabeth and I partake in with our daughters Grace, Trinity, Faith and Mercy. By the will of God and for His glory, we venture out throughout Central Florida to advance the gospel one verse at a time, and of course, we use our van and truck as billboards for Christ…

First, using white shoe polish, I wrote #BLESSED on the rear window of our mini van, then on each side, John 17:4, our flagship scripture. Click here to look it up on Bible Gateway…

I’m curious, are you involved in a similar ministry? I ask because as I’m sure you already know, one of the most important aspect of Christianity is the great commission, the call to further the kingdom of God by sharing the truth about the risen Savior.

I am a firm believer that when it comes to ministry, just as in marketing and advertising, repetition is key.

That’s why this week, to help you leverage the tremendous potential of repetition, I’m featuring a free PLR ebook about, of all things, Hypnosis…for God’s glory!

Free PLR eBook – Hypnosis Demystified

This week’s PLR gem is titled “Hypnosis-Demystified.”

What you do with this ebook is entirely up to You!

Because this ebook comes with its own Private Label Rights license, anyone can ethically and legally give it away or include it as a bonus with any package. You can even try and sell it if you dare!

To get started, click the link below to download the ebook file in ZIP format, then after you unzip the file, review its content before you leverage its potential on your website.

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