Review Of Genesis Mining – Is It A Scam?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Bitcoin, but if you ask me, it’s “mining Bitcoin” that’s the best investment solution out there today, not investing!

Not sure what cloud mining entails?

Mining Bitcoin is simply providing computer power to process transactions as fast as possible. The faster the computer, the more transactions it can process, and consequently, the more money is earned.

Mining cryptocurrencies on the cloud is cost effective solution that makes mining Bitcoin so simple, even I can do it!!!!

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TGIM – Free Backlinking with RSS MP3 Audio PLR

TGIMOn the eve of Thanksgiving, coming at us like a freight train it seems, I find myself in awe with God’s perfect plan for our ministry, our homestead, my family, my businesses and our thriving entourage.

First, our online ministry continues to grow in tune with the Lord’s will, through live prayer & counseling, an interactive service we’ve offered on the Thrive Through Christ website for well over 10 years, leading the way for other Christian ministries to get on board with this glorious, purpose driven endeavor.

As for our homestead, we just setup our #FoodIsFree cart, we continue to expand our gardens, recently built an aviary so we can contain our flock of chickens, ducks and turkeys which have become quite the nuisance on our property as the birds compete with the goats, geese, cows and our horse for food…

Then, my businesses. What else can I say but thank you Jesus!!! This has been a fantastic year, and I am eager to wrap up the half dozen projects we’re working on, so I can call this year the best one since the 1990’s.

Finally, my friends and entourage continue to show signs of God’s wonder, as children are born healthy, illnesses are handled with grace, our closest friends purchased their dream property and are in the building process, and most importantly, challenges are overcome with joy.

Now back to TGIM’s focus: Internet Marketing!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, to maximize your revenue from the Internet you must focus on basic elements of web marketing:

1. Exposure

2. Conversion

3. Relationships

It’s really that simple! First, make certain your prospects and audience can find you. Next, you need to ensure you convert qualified leads into revenue. Lastly, you must build a solid relationship with your constituents, making certain to be as transparent as possible.

In this week’s TGIM, we’ll address another important aspect of “Exposure” by concentrating on backlinks, more specifically, RSS driven linking which are used to help you maximize search engine rankings.

Next week, we’ll look into the relationship aspect of your online success.

This week’s PLR gem is titled “Backlinking with RSS.”

What you do with this informative MP3 Audio file is entirely up to You!

Because this audio file comes with its own Private Label Rights license, anyone can ethically and legally give it away or include it as a bonus with any package. You can even try and sell it if you dare!

To get started, click the link below to download the MP3 audio file in ZIP format, then after you unzip the file, give it a listen before you leverage its potential on your website.

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Powerful YouTube Video Marketing Tips To Help You Maximize Conversion

christian youtube marketing companyDid you know YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine?

If your business or ministry is not already leveraging the immense power of YouTube, you are likely missing out on prospects…

How many leads, sales or opportunities have you lost to date?

No matter, that’s in the past! By the grace of God, you’re here now and ready to maximize results. Let’s get to it!

Here are essentials for your YouTube videos:

1. Always brand YouTube videos with your logo

2. Always write relevant titles, description & tags using search friendly keywords and key phrases

3. Always display company information such as website URL, phone number, address and email in videos and descriptions

4. Show off products, services or provide demonstrations and remember to keep it low key

5. Watch others’ related videos and comment, engaging in conversation and promoting your own channel in the mix

6. Budget permitting, promote your brand, products or services via YouTube Marketing, paying a few pennies per view or a few dollars per thousand views.

If you’re a business owner or ministry leader, leveraging the power of YouTube is not an option, it’s a must!