TGIM – Writing Traffic Pulling Articles


Boy, am-I glad the work week is here! The weekend was AWESOME and I feel empowered to complete the work God gives me to do this week…

What did I do that was so special this weekend?

First, using free lumber I get from a mattress manufacture, I built a ramp for our goats to help them get on top of their stalls where they can bask in the warm Florida sun. I also replaced our well’s pressure tank, and plumbed it after I realized the old tank was leaking, I fixed the chicken and turkey coops, then I built a 2,000 Watt solar generator using a solar panel, charge controller, deep cycle battery and power inverter, and finally, I built a filter for our duck pond using a 5 gallon bucket, rocks, filter media, hay and tubing. I then connected a submersible pump to the solar generator and voila! Filthy duck poop water goes into the filter, and clean, clear water shoots out from the bottom of the DIY filter.

Next, my firstborn daughter Grace had her first date EVER with a fellow Civil Air Patrol cadet, we attended a church service at the Spring Lake United Methodist Church in support of Pastor Bill Brewer then we had a pasta extravaganza on Glorious Acres.

Wait! I forgot to mention… We got a boat and trailer for FREE!!!

1980 Manatee Boat

That’s right! We were gifted a 17 foot Manatee boat that needs a bit of cleaning, and the trailer does need a new axle ($140) but wow, what an awesome gift!

What did you do this weekend? :P

I praise the Lord for the challenges He brings forth, and for all He provides. I can’t believe we raise cows, ducks, turkeys, chickens, geese, goats and of course, a horse. Add to this a few gardens, a greenhouse, and a few olive & citrus trees, and you’ve got the makings of quite the homestead.

Shifting our focus to Internet Marketing, as I mentioned last week, to maximize your revenue from the Internet you must focus on basic elements of web marketing:

1. Exposure

2. Conversion

3. Relationships

It’s really that simple! First, make certain your prospects and audience can find you. Next, you need to ensure you convert qualified leads into revenue. Lastly, you must build a solid relationship with your constituents, making certain to be as transparent as possible.

In this week’s TGIM, we’ll address “Conversion” by concentrating on content, more specifically, articles which are used to convert prospects into leads.

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Writing Traffic Pulling Articles

This week’s PLR gem is titled “Writing Traffic Pulling Articles.

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Powerful YouTube Video Marketing Tips To Help You Maximize Conversion

christian youtube marketing companyDid you know YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine?

If your business or ministry is not already leveraging the immense power of YouTube, you are likely missing out on prospects…

How many leads, sales or opportunities have you lost to date?

No matter, that’s in the past! By the grace of God, you’re here now and ready to maximize results. Let’s get to it!

Here are essentials for your YouTube videos:

1. Always brand YouTube videos with your logo

2. Always write relevant titles, description & tags using search friendly keywords and key phrases

3. Always display company information such as website URL, phone number, address and email in videos and descriptions

4. Show off products, services or provide demonstrations and remember to keep it low key

5. Watch others’ related videos and comment, engaging in conversation and promoting your own channel in the mix

6. Budget permitting, promote your brand, products or services via YouTube Marketing, paying a few pennies per view or a few dollars per thousand views.

If you’re a business owner or ministry leader, leveraging the power of YouTube is not an option, it’s a must!


Don’t Forget To Vote!

Today is another epic political day in the United States.

Folks who haven’t quite made up their minds how to vote may have put their ballot into the ‘old mail’ pile or buried it under a stack of newspapers.

Anyone in that category should take a moment now to locate your voting station and fill that ballot out. After all, there’s quite a lot at stake, from Congress and Senate to local government.

Need help finding the location of your voting station, or are you curious to find out what’s actually on your ballot? Visit and for an abundance of resources and answers to most questions.

Don’t Forget To Vote!


The Ultimate Bitcoin Starter Guide – Owning & Trading Bitcoin Made Simple!

Bitcoin Starter guide

These days it seems everyone and their cousins are flooding my phone and email inboxes asking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and trying to find out the safest, easiest way to cash-in on the worldwide currency evolution through cryptocurrencies.

This post will guide you through a SIMPLE yet secure process that will make it possible for you to buy, sell or trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum as well as many other “K’s” in no time at all.

Step 1: Become a market maker, join Coinbase & get $10 in Bitcoin FREE at this URL:

Coinbase allows you to securely buy/sell kryptos. While it’s not the most cost effective way to leverage digital currencies, it remains the safest and easiest bar none. On Coinbase, you can buy/sell BTC, LTC & ETH using a credit card, a debit card, a bank account or even use Paypal, even though IMO Paypal are thieves…

Step 2: Become a miner and join Genesis Mining at

Mining digital currencies is essentially providing computer power to process an ever growing number of transactions. You can try using your own computer, but instead, smart investors combine their money to build mining farms featuring thousands of the world’s fastest computers. This is where Genesis Mining ranks highest in the world.

I dropped a small amount of money with Genesis and forgot about them until I started receiving
payouts in my BTC Wallet. When I realized it was coming from Genesis Mining, I about had a heart attack! They are definitely sending me BTC, so far, I’m getting paid once a month and only a few days away from breaking even after less than 90 days. It’s important to join Coinbase first so you’ll have multiple “free” digital wallets available to you, and your BTC Wallet with Coinbase will allow you to receive mining payments from Genesis. God willing, I plan to invest more in mining in the near future.

Step 3: Start trading kryptos!

Once you get verified and acquire some K’s on Coinbase, using a credit card or bank account, you will have access to GDAX, the most popular trading application in the planet, and the platform I use to trade my BTC, LTC and ETH. Use GDAX to build your empire and remember to give all the glory to God… :P


Happy OctoberFeast!


When most Americans are getting ready for Halloween, on Glorious Acres we’re getting ready for a special celebration of the fall harvest we call “OktoberFeast.”

Each year on October 31st, we invite friends to join us for great food, Spirit led fellowship and games. Here’s the menu we put together for this year’s feast:

Oktoberfeast Menu

If you are a believer, it is my hope you’ll think of a Halloween alternative to bless your family at this time of the year rather than give in to temptation and serve the enemy. Choose to walk in the light, and embrace that no harmony can exist between Christ and the devil (2 Cor. 6:15).