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[EASY!] 7 Simple Steps to Boost Productivity

In 2022, and amid a never ending Pandemic, to run a successful home based businesses, you need method to your madness. I’ve been self-employed on and off since 1994, and if there’s one notable thing I’ve learned and mastered over the years, it would have to be consistency.

How do I manage so many projects all at once? Easy! I follow a simple, 7 step system:

1. Work Backwards
I work backwards from the goal, to milestones to individual tasks. I break my work down into small, simple chunks or tasks that can be accomplished within 1-2 hours.

2. Eliminate Multitasking
I quit multitasking! Switching from one task to the nest just accomplishes very little compared to focused bursts of directed energy.

3. Go Dark
I go dark! Eliminating distractions is key to my successful Hours of Power. Lock your office door, put up a sign informing others you’re BUSY, turn off your phone, email, and IM. The world will survive without you for an hour or so while you glorify God in your Hour of Power!

4. Manage Email
I schedule my email by picking 3-4 times during the day when I focus on email management. Did you know checking e-mail throughout the day kills productivity?

5. Use The Phone
I use the phone! Because e-mail was never meant for conversation, I use my Google Voice powered mobile phone to call clients on the fly, or schedule calls when required.

6. Be Rested
I work according to my own agenda. For me, this means an afternoon siesta. Most days around 1-2pm, I pass out on the bed with my dog Solstice under the ceiling fan. We both spend an hour or so napping on our huge super king sized bed. This may be impossible for you to do, however remember to do the following throughout the day: Hydrate, Nourish and Worship the Lord!

7. Space Out
I space out! Typically I work in 30 to 60 minute time intervals, giving my brain a break, before my brain forces me to take a break. Sometimes to get my blood pumping, I’ll take a physical break and “Jump for Jesus” to a YouTube video for a 3 minutes… Hey! It’s great cardio! I also head outside and wrench on the riding mower, work on our aquaponics system or fix something the goats broke overnight. Other times, when the weather cooperates, I jump in the pool for a quick mid day swim, or sit on a lawn chair and work on my tan… :D

Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God! #TGBATG

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One thought on “[EASY!] 7 Simple Steps to Boost Productivity

  1. BRILLIANT POST!!!!! Talk about working smarter and not harder right? thank you so very much Daniel for sharing this amazingly clear message, and for taking the time to enrich your audience for apparently no gain, other than the pesky ads… :P

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