TGIM – Ever Heard of Parallax Design?


Thank God it’s Monday! Again this week, we’re off to the Webster Farmers Market on yet another blessed Mission Monday. The weather promises to be perfect for an outing to one of our favorite mission fields, where countless locals and tourists flock to in hopes to get the best deals on fresh produce.

Before we endeavor on today’s short mission trip, I wanted to talk to you about something quite extraordinary. It’s called parallax design.

Experts agree, there hasn’t been a design style that’s captured the web’s creative community like parallax website design, ever!

Wondering what parallax website design is?

Since an image is worth a 1,000 words, and in this case worth far more than words to you should you decide to implement such cost effective, cross platform design, let’s have a look at a few examples of parallax websites designed by Glorious Media Group, my media production company:

  1. Introduction To Civil Air Patrol SER 301
  2. Wear A Verse Attire
  3. Christian Cooking Portal

Best of all, parallax designs are 100% mobile & tablet compatible!

That’s right! Since Parallax Websites utilize Java and CSS, they display the same on all platforms and browsers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Parallax website design is not only cost effective, starting at only $100 per web page, it’s likely to help regain customers you lost to your competition because their website was cooler… :)

When you are ready to capitalize on design, which is booming in 2018, I invite you to send me an email to schedule a phone consultation, before your competitors do!


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