Quiet Time With God

How was your quiet time this morning?

Did you have your quiet time with the Lord this morning?

I ask because for many, the precious minutes after the alarm goes off is the only time believers will spend in prayer, in the word or in worship. For countless Christians, the world and more importantly, their work place dictates their level of spiritual growth.

What’s worse is the same people who sit in church on Sundays also sit in offices, cubicles or God knows where else from Monday through Saturday, are forbidden from sharing or engaging in spiritual affairs at work.

If you’re allowed to pray, listen to songs of worship or encouraged to advance the gospel at your work place, you are among the minority. Did you know less than 3% of American companies, either privately or publicly owned support spirituality in the work place?

It’s a fact, one of our more important duties as believers is to advance the gospel of the risen Christ. Since the work place occupies up to 80% of our time, for many, our job is our main mission field. This is why the work place must be considered as holy ground, and as such we are called to lift up our voices, proclaim Jesus as Lord & Savior and give praise to God at work as we do in church.

But Many Christians Consider Work Out of Bounds…

This is a problem and here’s why: Those who refrain from fulfilling their commission at work also fail at bringing glory to God. Consequently, God’s favor escapes these lame servants and leaves each one empty handed in the areas of joy, peace and love.

The Solution?

Simple. Live each day for God’s glory, knowing He is always watching. He hears every word, knows every thought and feels each breath. Surrender your entire life to Christ, specially at work and you too will reap a harvest of fruit sweeter than honey.


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