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Capitalizing on QR Codes & QR Tags

Today, it’s QR Codes & QR Tags I’m revisiting and teaching you about, those puzzle looking 2D codes that will soon allow you to interact with your audience (customers, clients, … Read More

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Throwback Thursday – Corner Office, Limousines and VIP Suites

Today’s throwback takes us back to the autumn of 2000, when I was extended a contract to work as a vice-president of marketing and web development in Montreal, Canada for … Read More

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Author & Public Speaker Blueprint

  So you want to become a published author and public speaker, but have no clue how to make it all happen? What if I told you I can help … Read More

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TGIM – Twitter Basics [FREE PLR eBOOK!]

  I praise God for another spectacular Monday! Oh it’s still a pandemic out there, and like countless people around the globe, I’m sitting at home in front of my … Read More

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Designing For Mobiles First… The Day Has Finally Come!

I’ve been preaching to the choir for years, maybe even a decade, but guess who has completely ignored his own advice when it comes to mobile usage online? THIS GUY! … Read More

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Adding Parallax Effects To Shopify Landing Pages

It’s been a crazy summer at Cybergenica and Glorious Media, and today I’m going to share a vibrant example of my work featuring Parallax effects on a Shopify landing page. … Read More

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TGIM – Everything You’ll Need to Start an eBusiness for Free!

I am thrilled today to celebrate 4 years in business for my solar power venture called Solar Innovations! Solar Innovations has been the result of over a decade of research … Read More

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What Is Recurring Income?

Because no one can work forever, and most people have a limited about of time each day to work toward generating revenue, I researched the Internet and found interesting ways … Read More

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[So Simple!] How To Make Money With YouTube

Arguably one of the easiest online revenue generating techniques continues to be YouTube Marketing, a process by which anyone can legally and ethically use stock video, shot with almost any … Read More

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TGIM – Working From Home? Focus!

  Another epic week is shaping-up at Cybergenica and Glorious Media, as well as on our homestead in historic Brooksville, FL. First, I’m excited to power my home office for … Read More

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Hoop It Up! Another Sports Ministry Landing Page By Yours Truly

I give praise to God for another awesome Sports Ministry landing page I designed for Hillside Community Baptist Church, a local fellowship that’s hailed as a top notch sports venue … Read More

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