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What Is Video SEO? Surefire Tips You Can Take To The Bank!

Video continues to be the most powerful marketing channel out there, and Video SEO still ranks at the top of the Internet marketing ladder. Video SEO is a process by … Read More

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[EASY!] 7 Simple Steps to Boost Productivity

In 2022, and amid a never ending Pandemic, to run a successful home based businesses, you need method to your madness. I’ve been self-employed on and off since 1994, and … Read More

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TGIM – Time To Get Organized!

It’s spring time in the sunshine state and I find there’s no better time than right now to prepare for the entire year. Can you believe how FAST 2022 is … Read More

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Capitalizing on QR Codes & QR Tags

Today, it’s QR Codes & QR Tags I’m revisiting and teaching you about, those puzzle looking 2D codes that will soon allow you to interact with your audience (customers, clients, … Read More

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Throwback Thursday – Corner Office, Limousines and VIP Suites

Today’s throwback takes us back to the autumn of 2000, when I was extended a contract to work as a vice-president of marketing and web development in Montreal, Canada for … Read More

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Author & Public Speaker Blueprint

  So you want to become a published author and public speaker, but have no clue how to make it all happen? What if I told you I can help … Read More

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TGIM – Twitter Basics [FREE PLR eBOOK!]

  I praise God for another spectacular Monday! Oh it’s still a pandemic out there, and like countless people around the globe, I’m sitting at home in front of my … Read More

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Designing For Mobiles First… The Day Has Finally Come!

I’ve been preaching to the choir for years, maybe even a decade, but guess who has completely ignored his own advice when it comes to mobile usage online? THIS GUY! … Read More

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Adding Parallax Effects To Shopify Landing Pages

It’s been a crazy summer at Cybergenica and Glorious Media, and today I’m going to share a vibrant example of my work featuring Parallax effects on a Shopify landing page. … Read More

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TGIM – Everything You’ll Need to Start an eBusiness for Free!

I am thrilled today to celebrate 4 years in business for my solar power venture called Solar Innovations! Solar Innovations has been the result of over a decade of research … Read More

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What Is Recurring Income?

Because no one can work forever, and most people have a limited about of time each day to work toward generating revenue, I researched the Internet and found interesting ways … Read More

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[So Simple!] How To Make Money With YouTube

Arguably one of the easiest online revenue generating techniques continues to be YouTube Marketing, a process by which anyone can legally and ethically use stock video, shot with almost any … Read More

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