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We were blessed with another spectacular weekend in the sunshine state, where spring is definitely in the air. Our gardens are bursting with lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and more, and we even have bananas on one of our trees!

We are also immensely grateful to have an abundance of milk we get from our goat nannies, and fresh eggs from our chicken and duck hens.

We are by no means self sufficient though, we still rely on the Webster Farmers Market for most our produce, and store bought meat and ingredients to get us by.

With 6 mouths and over 40 farm animals to feed, I have quite a burden I carry with me each and every day. I have to admit, over the past decade there have been times when my bank account was all but depleted, and I found myself on my knees praying to God for a miracle.

He came through every single time.

In some cases, He provided the money I needed to keep going, other times the Lord pointed out solutions I should explore. I fully understand that for some people, there comes a time when there’s a need for quick cash and as promised a couple of weeks ago, today I’ll address “Emergency Money,” in hope to help you cope and recover from unexpected financial burdens in your life.

Next week, we’ll look into “Recurring Income” to help you make money on auto-pilot – – for God’s glory

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