What Is Parsey & How To Leverage Its Features With InfusionSoft

Parsey & InfusionSoft Consultant

Parsey is a huge time and money saver for our InfusionSoft clients who are relying on 3rd party applications that are not InfusionSoft compatible.

Before Parsey, our clients would hire us to write custom API code to process data, a very complex and expensive solution. Now, using Parsey’s comprehensive features, we can help our clients invest in and capitalize on marketing instead of spending their hard earned money on coding.

Parsey extracts data from emails and webhooks instantly, then sends it where ever you want. If you’d like Parsey to perform a bit of magic on the data before we run automated actions in your platform of choice, it can do that too!

Parsey can be configured to work with any email or webhook format and can be set up cost effectively. Not only will you save time and money by ditching the manual data entry, you’ll do more with your data than you ever thought possible.

I invite you to call on Cybergenica or Glorious Media for assistance with Parsey and/or InfusionSoft. #TGBTG


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