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Parallax Effects on Shopify Landing Page

Adding Parallax Effects To Shopify Landing Pages

It’s been a crazy summer at Cybergenica and Glorious Media, and today I’m going to share a vibrant example of my work featuring Parallax effects on a Shopify landing page.

Before I share the link to the page I produced, you should know the Shopify theme used by my European clients is very rigid, and implementing Parallax had to be done manually by customizing the code within the theme, which needless to say should only be done by pros… :)

On top of customizing my clients’ Shopify theme, I also was hired to produce French copy, edit the graphics/images on the new Shopify landing page and add new sections as needed. I was basically given carte blanche by my clients, as i often do…

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I am thrilled to say the resulting Shopify Parallax landing page blew my clients away, and we’ll soon find out how well the page will convert when Peter and Alex start driving paid traffic to the landing page in their next Facebook campaign.

Are you in the market for an engaging Parallax Shopify Landing Page? If your Shopify conversion ratios are not what they should be, I invite you to inquire within to jump start your Shopify business using catchy Parallax effects! #TGBATG

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