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TGIM - Thank God It's Monday!

TGIM – Lose Weight With Secret Food Combinations

Another glorious week begins at Cybergenica and Glorious Media, and after working on several small projects under a sweltering hot Florida sun on the homestead over the weekend, I praise God I’m now back behind my desk in an air conditioned home office doing something I thoroughly enjoy: Working online!

That being said, I have quite the busy week ahead. From awesome NEW InfusionSoft/Keap lead generation pages to web based prayer ministry & prison evangelism, WordPress customization work for the LARGEST ice sports complex in nation, web production for Texas, Georgia and South Carolina based companies, social networking and YouTube video marketing, there will be very little time for the beach this week or even floating around in our own pool…

But, that doesn’t mean I won’t be honoring my temple by exercising (I love dancing to this Vista Way pool party video a ton!!!! I used to live there back in 1992…) or eating well using this book as my guide.

I’ve been eating a lot of sushi lately, going raw for the glory of God and glad to share that since the Covid 19 Pandemic started, I lost over 30 pounds fasting and adjusting my eating habits!

So it’s fitting this week’s hot topic involves health & fitness. That’s why I’m featuring a free PLR ebook about food secrets to help you and I bring glory to God through our temples.

Free PRL eBook – Secrets of Food Combinations

This week’s PLR gem is titled “Secrets Of Food Combinations.”

What you do with this ebook is entirely up to You!

Because this ebook comes with its own Private Label Rights license, anyone can ethically and legally give it away or include it as a bonus with any package. You can even try and sell it if you dare!

To get started, click the link below to download the ebook file in ZIP format, then after you unzip the file, review its content before you leverage its potential on your website.

Click this Link to Download your Private Label Rights Digital Product Now >>

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