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Want To Work At SpaceX? Here’s A Pro Tip…

Another crew of civilians went to space and back today, as billionaire Jeff Bezos and three more crew members kick-start the Blue Origin space tourist program designed for civilians to travel to space and back in just over 10 minutes.

As Europe, Russia, China and the United Arab Emirates push forward in their mission to colonize Mars, in the US SpaceX continues to build and use “reusable” rockets and space ships with the hope to be the first entity on Mars.

But, Confucius (or another prophet of sorts) once said if you ain’t first, you’re last!

With this wise proverb in mind, it’s up to America to either win or lose the race to the red planet. Plain and simple.

Why not join the team at SpaceX?

Did you know SpaceX is hiring?

That’s right! The world’s largest space transport and exploration organization is looking for all kinds of talent, from digital marketers to rocket engineers, cooks and even a librarian!

Browse all SpaceX jobs HERE.

Before you send in your application for a SpaceX job, I have a very important piece of advice for you: STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!

It comes as no surprise that SpaceX is bombarded with job applications. Because of this, to get a job in a competitive field, you’ll have to stand out from your competition.

How can you set yourself apart from other applicants?

Simple. Create a ROCK STAR RESUME!

Odds are your resume will never be seen by human eyes. But if it does make it to a HR computer screen, a creatively designed resume will get you the interview!

Daniel St.Pierre SpaceX Resume

Curious to see what a rock star resume looks like? Click HERE to check out my SpaceX resume… :)

You’ll notice my resume is precisely that, a resume of my work experience, my education and my hobbies, and of course, a work objective that’s focused on the employer’s goal. I also include a skill level visual chart and, the most important part of my resume, the presence of God and my favorite Bible verse, John 17:4.

So there you have it! A powerful piece of advice from a seasoned recruiter who has seen more resumes than I care to count… Let yours be among those that STAND OUT, for God’s glory… #TGBATG

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