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[EASY!] 7 Simple Steps to Boost Productivity

In 2022, and amid a never ending Pandemic, to run a successful home based businesses, you need method to your madness. I’ve been self-employed on and off since 1994, and … Read More

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Throwback Thursday – Corner Office, Limousines and VIP Suites

Today’s throwback takes us back to the autumn of 2000, when I was extended a contract to work as a vice-president of marketing and web development in Montreal, Canada for … Read More

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Make $50 In 1 Hour – And Keep Cashing In!

If you’re like me, you need a break from typical work every now and then. As flexible and rewarding as your 9-5 can be, sometimes you need a break from … Read More

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Want To Work At SpaceX? Here’s A Pro Tip…

Another crew of civilians went to space and back today, as billionaire Jeff Bezos and three more crew members kick-start the Blue Origin space tourist program designed for civilians to … Read More

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TGIM – Online Ventures PLR

It’s going to be a busy week at Cybergenica and Glorious Media, as I continue to serve our risen Savior through clients in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. While … Read More

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TGIM – Looking for a New Job?

When countless people around our globe face unemployment as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic, I’m glad to report that Glorious Media Group and Cybergenica continue to do well … Read More

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13 Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

Cover letters are instrumental parts of most job applications. As the leader of numerous companies and ministries, I am constantly bombarded with job applications from all over the world. The … Read More

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Turn Your Phone Into A Thriving Business!

Earlier today, I unveiled the all new eBusiness For Beginners website which was completely redesigned to cater to a growing trend of mobile phone users. The previous site focused on … Read More

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Awesome Recruiting Opportunity At FPEA

Over the weekend I was blessed to serve Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary to the U.S. Air Force as a recruiter at the 2019 Florida Homeschool Convention, the largest … Read More

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