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TGIM – Why Do You Need LinkedIn Anyway?

Another glorious week begins at Cybergenica and Glorious Media, and I’m glad the work week is finally here! Why am-I so thrilled to be back at work? Air conditioning, that’s … Read More

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Goat Kids For Sale!

It’s that time of the year when goat kids abound on Glorious Acres! This spring, we we blessed with 6 goat kids from our nannies Whoopsie, Stella and Lilly and … Read More

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More Kids On The Block!

God blessed us with 2 more goat kids this weekend when Lilly, our newest nanny gave birth to two doelings (females) to add to our flock. Eventually, we’re hopeful these … Read More

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Cutting Down A Dead Oak Tree On Our Florida Homestead

Today we were blessed to have our friend Jimmy bring his lumberjack tools and help us cut a dead oak tree down on our Florida homestead. The tree was struck … Read More

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Meet The Newest Members of Glorious Acres: Billy & Lilly

On Saturday, we were blessed with two new goats on our Florida homestead, and their names are Billy, for the buck, and Lilly for the doe that’s already bred and … Read More

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Multitasking Redefined!

A few minutes ago, I found myself enjoying in an endearing moment of bliss while laying in my hammock under a giant oak tree in our front yard. Elizabeth and … Read More

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[Webster Farmers Market] Finally OPEN For Business!

We were blessed today to return to the Sumter County Farmers Market in Webster, FL where we get most our fruit, vegetables, local honey and even our seafood! This is … Read More

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Happy New Year by the Fire

A promising new year started with a great French Canadian food and a warm fire around which we sat and roasted marshmallows under a starlit Florida sky. Elizabeth, Grace, Trinity, … Read More

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So Long #Dorian!

By the grace of God, one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the East coast of the US is following a path that’s driving hurricane Dorian away from … Read More

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Meet Valerie, Our Holstein Milker Cow

Above is a quick video introduction of our beloved Holstein cow named Valerie whom we milk in the morning and evening. She’s been giving us delicious milk every day since … Read More

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