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Case Study: My $120K Interview


Desperate for contract work in Montreal back in 2000, I read an ad in the paper about Total Entertainment, a software development company seeking a Director of Internet Marketing.

While I was certainly qualified for the position, which involved directing a team of web developers and internet marketers, I was not looking for a job as much as contract work for my existing company.

At the time, business at “Acme Design Co.” was very slow, so I thought a job might help pay some bills.

During my interview, I answered all the questions honestly, and confidently. I also made certain to point out the various reasons that made me stand out as the best candidate, and pointed out critical flaws within the company’s web sites that needed immediate attention.

At no time did I mention how desperate I was, or that I could barely afford transportation to their office that day. Instead, during my interview, I exuded a steady stream of confidence and shared my plan of action to fix the numerous web site issues I pointed out, and significantly improve revenue by implementing a proven search engine optimization program the company had ignored in their internet marketing endeavors.

I positioned myself as an asset before I was even hired, and provided value during the interview leaving my potential employer with no other choice but to hire me.

On the flip side, I shared how I was not looking for a full-time, 40 hour per week job, but rather I proposed a performance based, 25 hour per week contract.

The result?

I was hired within 24 hours and offered a $10,000.00 per month contract, travel expenses, downtown Montreal corner office, rental car allowance and a VIP, underground parking spot in our high rise building where 100’s of people worked, but only a handful of parking spots were available.

It was during a business trip to Las Vegas I was born again, which eventually led to my terminating my contract with Total Entertainment and going to work full-time for the Lord…

So, consider this next time you’re thinking of a career change… :)

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