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Top 5 Free SEO Tools

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Because my blog has become a leading internet marketing resources for individuals and companies looking to boost their search engine exposure, and in lieu of the fact the majority of the visitors to this blog seek SEO insight, I thought appropriate to create a post containing free SEO resources I trust and use as a part of my internet marketing arsenal.

  1. Link Popularity (
    Even though I use professional grade reporting software to render analysis of my clients’ linking status on Google, Yahoo and MSN, I am a big fan of free Link Popularity resources. This tool queries Google, Yahoo and MSN individually for inbound links to any web site. Why are inbound links important? Essentially, the more inbound links to a web site, the higher the rankings, at least with Google.
  2. Keyword Density (
    I use Keyword Density to compare keyword exposure on my clients’ web sites versus their competitors and also against industry leaders. Keyword Density delivers valuable SEO driven data that plays an important role in search engine optimization endeavors.
  3. XML Sitemaps Generator (
    This free online tool allows you to create an XML, HTML and TXT sitemap for your website. User friendly and precise, this tool provides files customized and targeted for search engine spiders. Sitemaps are essential tools in search engine optimization.
  4. Google Analytics (
    This is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that provides rich insights into your web site traffic and SEO effectiveness. Over 99% of the web sites I own and manage use Google Analytics, a powerful free tool not to be ignored.
  5. Google vs Yahoo (
    This free tool provides a comparison between Google and Yahoo for search results according to either a domain name or keywords. Use this tool to diagnose the status of your SEO campaign on both Google and Yahoo.
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