Your Valentine’s Day Gift: Free Email Marketing Tips!

It’s Valentine’s Day, and at the St.Pierre’s, with a wife and four daughters, that means quite a lot of Valentines, cards, chocolate and in this year’s case, the BEACH!

I’m sure you’d love to join us, but since you can’t, let’s move along to your free internet marketing gift: How To BOOST E-Mail Open Rates.

FACT: Over 97% of U.S. businesses use Email to connect with customers.

Let me get right to the point. Here are 3 tips to help you reach Maximum Velocity from your email marketing endeavors:

  1. Make a POWERFUL First Impression

    What are the 2 things most people see when they receive your email? Who the email is from, and what the subject line is. Make sure the “from” is an actual person’s name, and your subject line is not only relevant, but also ENGAGING!

    For maximum response, inject a Call to Action in your email subject line.

  2. Timing is Everything

    Send too early in the day and your emails will get lost in the morning shuffle. Sending too late accomplishes the same thing.

    When it comes to email marketing, Tuesdays and Thursdays are best, 10am or 2pm produces optimal open rates.

  3. Be Friendly to Spam Filters

    Computer programs may not be as sophisticated as humans, but they’ve come a long way in flagging spam. Keep your spam score low by avoiding catchy phrases, exclamation points or words in ALL CAPS.

Apply the above tips and watch your open rates increase as you endeavor to glorify God in your ministry or business, and more importantly, in your personal life.

Need help setting-up or managing your E-Mail Marketing campaign? Call me, I’ll be taking your calls from the Beach the rest of the day… Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ;)


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