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Case Study: How’s Responsive Redesign Boost Conversions by 20%

analytics-mobile-statisticsResponsive web design can take a a lot time, and money to implement.

For Walmart Canada, it took nearly a year to make the site fully responsive, but as their results will show – it pretty much paid for itself within months thanks to improved revenue from mobile devices.

The Research

Seeing a significant amount of traffic coming from mobile, mainly tablet devices, Walmart recognized that their current solution does not really work on mobile devices.

The problem was two fold: first the overall look and feel of the site on mobile was awful, secondly it took forever to load.

The Execution

Walmart used hands-on usability testing on both old and new designs, A/B tested various elements on the site and did overall speed improvements throughout the site.

In the end, with their new design Walmart achieved overall conversion boost of 20% on all devices. On mobile, orders went up by 98%.

Consider this next time you feel mobile devices aren’t important… :)

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