Video SEO, 3 Surefire Tips You Can Take To The Bank!

Still a powerful marketing channel, Video SEO continues to rank at the top of the Internet marketing ladder. Video SEO is a process by which a website is promoted through video sites or video blogging.

On the surface video SEO seems pretty harmless, basically someone produces 20 videos about a topic relevant to his or her business then uses an online service to “submit” these 20 videos to video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and video bloging sites worldwide.

3 Surefire Tips To Get The Most Of Your Video SEO Campaign

1. Produce Engaging Videos That People Will Enjoy

2. Use an Online Service to Submit Your Videos

3. When Linking to Your Target Website, Use Anchor Text

Using keyword rich titles and descriptions, video marketers quickly reach top rankings in niche markets. In itself this sounds like a solid SEO strategy right?

Now Multiply This Process 1,000 Times Over

Imagine if you can an SEO campaign so aggressive the video SEO process described above is replicated dozens, hundreds of times over until an absolute monopoly is achieved in a market.

Unlike articles of old which were the bulk of the effort and result, videos are 100% recyclable! Take one video about a specific exercise for people trying to lose weight at home. The same video can double as a training video within a coaching capacity. The same video can also be used to promote Christian health and fitness. Another application for the video would be as a portfolio piece for a personal trainer. Then there’s the model used in the video, of course he or she would need to show these videos off…

As you can see a single video has limitless potential. Imagine what only dozen well produced videos could do for your business?

Whatever you do this year, remember to invest in Video SEO, it’s worth the effort!