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Dollar Store Bible - by Daniel St.Pierre

Throwback Friday – My First Bible

It’s been quite an extraordinary week at the St.Pierre’s, and the BEST part of the entire week happened just a few minutes ago when I realized the work week was finally over!

Let me digress…

In the midst of a Pandemic and all out cultural and political wars in America, I find myself tremendously grateful to God for his perfect plan, for His love, mercy and grace.

It’s been quite a challenging year for me personally, professionally and emotionally but not spiritually.

I give praises to God that my faith in the risen Savior is stronger than ever, and it is through this same devoted trust that I am able to do the work I am given to do by almighty God.

So it is with great joy that, in spite of the Pandemic and US sociopolitical nightmare, I thankĀ  the Lord for opportunities such as this one to answer the call to the Great Commission, for His glory.

Speaking of perfection, this week’s throwback happens to be a picture of the first bible I purchased after I was born again at Saddleback church in California.


A dollar store KJV bible, this “el cheapo” is possibly the worst bible in my collection. Cluttered pages, a tiny type face, lacking concordance or study notes, it’s no wonder this edition ended up in a dollar store!

Still, in spite of its simplicity and lack of bells and whistles, this bible holds the holy truth and promise of God. It wasn’t too long after I purchased this bible that I was handed down a study bible by the very person who led me to Christ, which in turn that very NIV Study Bible was passed on to my lovely wife Elizabeth, and more recently, our oldest daughter Grace.

Since then I have acquired other bibles but none quite like this old King James, which will forever hold a special place in my heart as my first bible as a believer, as a saved disciple of Jesus.

Plus, this old dollar store bible has been featured in numerous stock photos distributed online, blog posts, web graphics and even book covers. Remember that awesome missions book titled “Be A Nehemiah” by pastor Art Dykstra?

Such an awesome book cover… :)

Today, my first bible sits on a makeshift shelf in our guest bathroom waiting for the opportunity to do what it does best… #TGBATG #OAMFG

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Friday – My First Bible

  1. The best bible translation EVER!!!! The high numbers of KJV readers confirm the findings of last year’s American Bible Society (ABS) State of the Bible report. On behalf of ABS, Barna Group found that 52 percent of Americans read the King James or the New King James Version, compared with 11 percent who read the NIV.

    The KJV also received almost 45 percent of the Bible translation-related searches on Google, compared with almost 24 percent for the NIV, according to Bible Gateway’s Stephen Smith.

    In fact, searches for the KJV seem to be rising distinctly since 2005, while most other English translations are staying flat or are declining, according to Smith’s Google research.

    With that in mind, God is clear on stewardship: Quit wasting your time findind a bible and read the one you’ve got!!!!!

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