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TGIM – Do Video Testimonials Work?

Thank God it’s Monday! Yet another splendid weekend gives way to a week that promises to be extremely busy and filled with tremendously rewarding challenges…

On the horizon for me this week is a fair amount of internet marketing consulting, some SEO and SEM work with a new client, a large event promoter in the UK. On the creative side I will be producing a dozen or so video testimonials for existing clients.

What are Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials are powerful multimedia internet marketing components that showcase the quality of products or services through a seemingly satisfied customer. While video testimonials are nothing new, as they’ve been used on television for decades, thanks to the internet they have become one of the most potent marketing tools available today.

Some statistics about Testimonials…

Website that feature plain text testimonials are 18% more likely to get the sale over sites that don’t. Audio testimonials increase sales by 32% while video testimonials impact sales by a whopping 56%. The reason why plain text testimonials are not as effective as audio or video testimonials is because they can easily be faked.

Video testimonials play a significant role in convincing potential customers your product or service will meet or even surpass their expectations.

The Challenge: Unless you have a dedicated clientele ready to record video testimonials and post them on a video sharing website such as YouTube for you to link to free of charge, video testimonials are very expensive internet marketing pieces, running approximately $2,500.00 per 60 second clip. Who can afford that?

Thanks to Cybergenica and more specifically my Tampa based production company, the Glorious Media Group, video testimonials are more cost effective than ever! Starting at only $250.00 each, our professionally produced video testimonials are reenactments of plain text testimonials you received over the years. Using actors in actual residential or commercial scenes, we produce engaging testimonials that help your website convert beyond measure. Click here to sample of one our testimonial videos >>

Take the decisive first step in maximizing your website’s revenue through video testimonials by calling me at 727.369.8909 to discuss how to produce powerful multimedia testimonials, and benefit from a fast growing marketing trend.

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2 thoughts on “TGIM – Do Video Testimonials Work?

  1. I have learned a ton today! Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I appreciate how much effort you place to create such an informative web site.

  2. Of course video testimonials work! Anyone who is not already investing into video testimonials need to have their head examined!!!!

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