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Cybergenica has received countless inquiries and interview requests from various media sources. We invite you to read the featured interview below for a typical Q&A conducted recently.

Transcript of radio interview with Daniel St.Pierre (Senior Consultant, Cybergenica)

Q. First and foremost, where did the name Cybergenica come from?

    A. The name was a result of market research focusing on cyberspace technology which targets a generation of computer savvy consumers.

Q. You are the founder and president of Cybergenica, tell me more about your background?

    A. Before Cybergenica I perfected my skills as an internet marketing consultant through diverse contract with companies scattered throughout the United-States, Canada and Europe. My portfolio of clients was minute but included NASDAQ and Fortune 500 companies. Extraordinary networking opportunities dictated I create a brand name so I did with the help of significant financial backing that came from friends and clients looking to invest in a solid, purpose driven internet marketing venture.

Q. And by purpose driven you mean?

    A. I mean I am driven by a purpose other than financial gain. Most internet marketing companies or, consulting firms focus on profit, on revenue, on maximizing ROI for clients. While return on investment is certainly at the top of our list, it is not our number one priority; Integrity tops our list. In dealing with Cybergenica clients are guaranteed we will only use proven, ethical methodology to market their website putting our extraordinary intellectual wealth and abilities to work for them, driven by purpose.

Q. Can you explain this intellectual wealth you speak of?

    A. In marketing there is such a thing as intellectual wealth. More valuable than gold or diamonds, marketing savvy is a delicate process by which a person can only be as good as the sum of their life's experiences. At Cybergenica, what we know, we know from experience. Because as individuals we all have different experiences, and most importantly due to the fact our team is comprised of such a diversified group of people, I believe no one can compete with our extensive web savvy.

Q. No one? Doesn't that sound a little egotistical?

    A. Trust me Bill, we're as good as we say we are. Let me ask you something- How many times would you have to hear "You guys are the best!" until you start believing it?

Q. The best at what?

    A. The best at answering internet marketing questions in plain English. We are the best at helping website owners and corporate marketing executives get more out of their web presence. Basically, we are the best at increasing a website's exposure often resulting in extraordinary increases in ROI. Best of all, we do it with an honorable purpose.

Q. How is a typical ROI calculated?

    A. Simple. Take the amount of money you earned in revenue or sales last year, subtract the amount of money you invested in marketing, there's your gross ROI. Of course there are many other factors you could input in this formula but we're a plain English type of company and leave confusing data for the accountants.

Q. How does your company increase ROI so easily?

    A. How does a mechanic change an alternator so easily? We have the knowledge and the tools we need to do the job. A website is very much like a car Bill, every part is meant to perform it's primary function. When dealing with a new client's website, we simply look at the parts and fix or improve the ones that are damaged.

Q. What if no parts are damaged?

    A. Then we work on improving the fuel consumption, or the actual traffic flow of a website, or the conversion ratio.

Q. So that's it? You fix websites for better performance?

    A. In essence yes, that is one part of our job. We also help increase search engine algorithm scores through thorough PR analysis. We manually submit websites to search engines, assist in increasing link popularity and help produce better results from paid inclusion campaigns with search engines.

Q. Manually submit websites?

    A. Yes, we visit each major search engine and invite them to crawl and index our clients' websites. This process must be repeated monthly to ensure search engine spiders continuously crawl our clients sites picking up any modification or SEO update we performed thin the past month.

Q. What about link popularity- What exactly is it?

    A. It's a concept by which search engines, like Google award better ranking score for websites which have more links pointing at them from other websites. Basically, the more popular your website is among other websites, the higher your ranking will be on Google. This is called link popularity and it's a critical aspect of any website's marketing.

Q. What about these paid inclusion programs?

    A. Paid inclusion is exactly what it sounds like and more. It's the newest form of interactive advertising and the most cost effective marketing method ever since businesses only pay out fees when their ads are clicked. Unlike television, billboards, print or radio ads, pay-per-click ads are easily tracked and produce specific conversion data.

Q. I'm really starting to get this- there really is more to a website then pretty pictures and neat graphics huh?

    A. Or course! Unfortunately, most website are just that, cute pictures and neat graphics, more an online brochure then an actual online business.

Q. What's wrong with brochures? They're great marketing tools!

    A. I agree but what good is a brochure if no one sees it? What I mean is that brochures are only effective in large numbers and must be printed accordingly, then distributed. Websites are the same way. Websites need traffic to convert surfers into consumers and the best way to achieve this is through search engines and strategic partnerships.

Q. Makes sense. Tell me, what's on the horizon for Cybergenica?

    A. Only God knows! We're going to continue sailing as long as He blows wind in our sails. We truly are blessed to be a blessing Bill, I see very little change coming to Cybergenica unless of course the web itself makes a ninety degree turn, then we'll find a way to jump ahead of the curve and keep on making smiles for a living.

Q. One last question... I have a little capital I'd like to invest online, any suggestion?

    A. Start a website about something you love and go with it! That's what I did way back in '95, now I can honestly say that I love what I do and feel I haven't worked a day in 10 years... I hope and pray you'll experience the same success I've had.

Q. Thanks for the tip Dan and thank you for coming in today.

    A. You're very welcome. Thanks for having me. God bless you Bill.


Q. God bless you Dan!

<Commentary>You gotta love a man that puts it all in plain English for everyone to understand and for taking the time to sit with us today. I can only imagine how easily he could put out a bunch of websites, market them and never work a day for the rest of his life. Then again, that wouldn't be very Christian. I like these Cybergenica folks. I think you will too.

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