Wreaths Across America 2018 – Florida National Cemetery

Wreaths Across America 2018

Earlier today I was blessed to take part in one of the most meaningful ceremonies I’ve experienced as a father and a patriot, when I watched my 14 year old daughter, Civil Air Patrol Cadet Airman Grace St.Pierre honor American heroes by placing wreaths on headstones at the Florida National Cemetery.

While she was completing her assignment with the CAP deployment, instead of standing there and snap pictures I was lead to do my part by carrying and placing wreaths in areas less popular. I took time to thank each American hero, and pray for each one’s family & loved ones. It’s the least I can do to thank those who served this great nation and made it possible for my family and I to enjoy, and thrive in a free country.

When I got there, shortly before 9am, I snapped a picture of a field where only a few poinsettias were found. Less than 2 hours later, every single headstone had a wreath on it. (See photo above)

My heart lead me to honor soldiers who were all the way in the back of the fields where wreaths were being placed…

When it was all but over, I found a single wreath sitting on a bench, possibly left there by someone who assumed the mission was successfully completed, as all Christian graves had a wreath.

It was lead to take the errand wreath, and place it where it was crafted to be, on a headstone of one of our heroes.

I grabbed the wreath and placed it in the back of my truck, then walked over to pick up Grace since she was being debriefed by her leading officer, and placed back under my care by OFC Grady.

When I informed Grace we had one last wreath to share, she asked if we could place it at the very back of a field where soldiers would likely be ignored.

Wreaths Across America

In that moment, I was gifted by our Lord with the conviction I had fulfilled my mission as a father, and had been given the extraordinary opportunity to redeem myself as a failed soldier.

My daughter Grace is the REAL DEAL.

It is my hope, and prayer you will keep a close eye on her, and do what you can to keep her from following in her father’s footsteps as she thrives in her life, and strives to bring glory to our Savior…

Perhaps you know Him?

His name is JESUS, He was God in the flesh, and He was hung on a cross where He died. And just as He predicted, He rose from the dead and is now in Heaven where He rejoices with His Father, our Father Yahweh

I cannot believe He made it possible for me, a sinner to feel so much joy on such a tremendously powerful day for America. I am truly blessed.



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