When God Gives You Tart Oranges…

Daniel St.Pierre   September 25, 2014   No Comments

…squeeze’em and make somewhat delicious freshly squeezed orange juice! What’s my point? Well you see, the oranges were indeed from God, but they weren’t exactly eatable…

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, photo by Daniel St.Pierre

Over 200 oranges were offered to us by friends and neighbors who are blessed with overflowing citrus trees. Turn the offer into an orange picking party and you’ve got the perfect homeschooling outing.

Top this outing with freshly squeezed orange juice and voila! Tart, seed filled wild citrus now poured into a glass as a refreshing, vitamin rich, 100% natural beverage. I’ll admit it’s a little on the sour side but other than that initial hair raising jolt of bitterness, the juice tastes fantastic!

When it comes to Internet Marketing, there is such a thing as method to madness. Those bound to succeed online will know how to turn a bitter deal into a nutritious beverage that’s glorifying to God… :)