What is Video Marketing?


With temperatures in the high 90’s in the sunshine state, even though summer isn’t here yet, it sure feels like summer on our homestead and I give praise to God for our pool!!!

On the flip side, today I’m really excited to talk to you about Video Marketing. It’s not TV! It’s vTV!!!

Let me digress.

YouTube rocked the cyber world in recent years and so have countless video sharing websites. More people watch online video than television. TV is expensive. vTV is not.


A video is 50 times more likely to get a first-page Google ranking than a text page.

One of the most attractive features of video marketing is it’s cost effective. In 2016, thanks to revolutionary technological advances in smart phones, high definition cameras are everywhere. Amazingly enough, HD camera phones are not only affordable, they produce quality content in tune with OPR websites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Break, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Veoh, etc.

But what exactly is video marketing?

Video marketing is essentially leveraging the popularity of video websites to reach your target audience, using videos in your marketing endeavors to promote services or products. For one, customer testimonials have become leading video marketing tools as companies take advantage of the OPR (other people’s resources) aspect of this rich media content as videos are served by other entities, and in many cases, on a large scale.

For example, a video review of a product can be in itself a great way to generate revenue even if you don’t have any products or service of your own. Check out this video I recorded and posted on YouTube. To date, the video has been viewed over 11,000 times and because I posted an eBay affiliate link in the video’s description, I get a percentage of every sale generated by the cookie associated with my affiliate link, not only for generator sales, but EVERY item purchased by my referral for up to 30 days… Now that’s what I call AWESOME!

Invest in Video Marketing today, before your competitors crush any hope you have at sharing the harvest from vTV.


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