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Designing For Mobiles First… The Day Has Finally Come!

I’ve been preaching to the choir for years, maybe even a decade, but guess who has completely ignored his own advice when it comes to mobile usage online?


Like countless business owners and website managers out there, I’ve been relying on WordPress to automatically resize my site’s images and graphics for mobile users, in the hope their experience is “as good as” desktop users whom have been my main audience since 1994 when I first started designing websites for my clients in Montreal, Canada.

So today, after my eyes were opened wide when I pulled up Google Analytics, I vow to put mobile users FIRST in my personal web endeavors, and to continue to advise my clients on best practices when web design and internet marketing are concerned.

Here’s what basically did it for me earlier today:

Website Traffic Mobile vs Desktop

The website is our ministry site, Thrive Through Christ and we can clearly see that over 60% (or 6 people out of 10) are on mobile phones, and that number continues to go up!

With this in mind, it’s become obvious this blog needs a complete overhaul.

So be on the lookout for a mind blowing new design that’s certain to provide the best possible experience for mobile users, and also be super cool for desktop and laptop users… For God’s glory! #TGBATG

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