Using Craigslist to Triple Revenue

My auto mechanic is a tremendously generous man.

Over the past couple years, he’s worked on my vehicles more times than I care to count, often coming to my home for repairs that included replacing a fuel pump, changing out the A/C compressor, installing 2 front wheel axles, then there was the radiator, and the list goes on and on.

A.G. is a brilliant mechanic who has always got the job done.

One thing A.G. is not is a marketing wiz. So, when I suggested he place ads on Craigslist, he thought little of it.

That was before I place a few ads on his behalf.

You see, A.G. is a modest servant of the Lord. So one day, I took the liberty to compose a few ads promoting A.G.’s mobile mechanic service which I placed on Craigslist.

The result?

A.G.’s phone has been ringing off the hook, and his business is booming thanks to a few free ads I posted and continually renew on Craigslist.

Although the ads themselves are nothing spectacular, each ad features key photographs of mechanics working on vehicles.

IMO what’s working for A.G. is the simplicity of his ads, and the “free quote” offer therein.

As I mentioned above, the ads are to the point, placed in the proper category. Each ad focuses on the mobile mechanic service, by which A.G. provides services on location, as well as the benefit to the prospect, which is that their vehicle will not leave their driveway, or even be serviced road side if need be.

Consider this next time you find yourself trying to boost revenue for your business or ministry… :)


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