Throwback Friday – Surfing Sunset Beach

This week’s throwback takes us to Sunset Beach, FL back in 2005. These were times when my Ron Jon Surf Shop rash guard still fit and my Quiet Flight surf board could still float me. That was 12 years ago this summer…

Daniel St Pierre Surfing, Sunset Beach FL 2005Three more wonderful daughters later, and hurricane season just around the corner, I am contemplating a comeback. That’s right! Another beach related return… YEAH BABY, YEAH!!!

Below 185 pounds for the first time in over two years, I know the board will keep me above water. The only question lies with God, and of course the gulf swell He has planned for the sunshine state this fall.

Will we be blessed with yet another “casual” or “bird watcher” soon? Check the weather. When 3 footers hit the shore, I’m there dude!