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Throwback Friday – Johnny Rockets Milkshake

I came across this Quicktime VR earlier and thought it appropriate the include it in this week’s throwback post. This interactive virtual reality 360 degree shot dates back a decade when I lives in Laguna Beach shortly after I was born again at Saddleback Church…

To navigate around Johnny Rockets’ dining room simply click your mouse on the image above and drag any direction. Use Shift or Control on your keyboard to zoom in or out. Located right on Laguna Beach, this Johnny Rockets location served the world’s best burgers and milkshakes, a somewhat daily ritual I kinda miss a little…

While I certainly long Johnny Rockets’ tasty burgers, I wouldn’t trade them for the mortadella stack sammy and ice cold Orangina I enjoyed today as I multitasked from the infamous Cybergenica El Garage!

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