The Channelizer Method by Ezra Firestone – Custom Designed Squeeze & Offer Pages

Are you looking to maximize your product sales on Amazon? If so, have you heard of Ezra Firestone’s Channelizer Method?

The Channelizer Method is a new Amazon funnel program that leverages Facebook Ads (or Google Adwords) and customer reviews to generate leads, which in turn are used in an aggressive email marketing campaign to get sales.The funnel starts with a targeted ad on Facebook (or Google) based on relevant keywords. Leads are sent to a squeeze page (designed by Glorious Media) where a product is promoted is discounted through the use of a promo or coupon code.

channelizer method squeeze page

channelizer method offer page

To get the promotional or coupon code, on the squeeze page (designed by Glorious Media) prospects are asked to share their email address where the code will be sent.

This is achieved using a popup or intermediate page.

Next, when prospects have shared their email address, they are redirected to the offer page where step-by-step are laid out to facilitate the checkout process.

The offer page also features the promotional code customers will use to receive their discount.

The Channelizer Method is not only a powerful way to get reviews for Amazon products, it’s also a fantastic internet marketing tool which, when used intelligently, will produce a harvest that’s truly beyond measure.

If you are not familiar with the Channelizer Method, I invite you to watch the video below to find out more about this exciting new funnel method:

Are you in the market for captivating Channelizer Method squeeze and offer pages that convert through the roof? If so, call Glorious Media today at (727) 674-5681 or send us an email with your product details so we can take the next step in stride and help you leverage Amazon’s immense potential!


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