TGIM – The Great Commission And You!


I give praise to God for His perfect plan for my life, and for the countless ministry opportunities He provides both online and offline, allowing me to fulfill the great commission to advance the gospel and help bring people to Christ.

This week, we continue producing captivating digital and print content for clients in the US, Canada Europe and Australia, developing new websites including an online survival supply store, a wedding photography related property and even a Bitcoin cloud mining co-op.

This week I’ll also reach across the pond to help a brother in Christ from England overcome the challenges associated with a business startup. So, tons of work on my plate, on top of numerous projects on our Florida homestead and a few outings with the family like bowling and at least one day at the beach, after all it IS summer right? #Fun :)

I feel so immensely blessed to live in the sunshine state and give praise to our Lord for our humble home in historic Brooksville.

However, I am well aware many of you do not feel as I do, and look forward to a home where you can thrive and further serve God. That’s why I’m featuring a free PLR ebook about selling your home to help you bring glory to God through the fulfillment of the great commission.

Now I’m not saying you should sell your house and hit the road for Jesus, instead I am merely providing a tool for you to use in the event you feel called to answer the call and either downsize or even better, move to a place where you can serve Him in new dimensions…

Free PLR ebook – 101 Tips For Selling Your House On Your Own

This week’s PLR gem is titled “101 Tips For Selling Your House On Your Own.”

What you do with this ebook is entirely up to You!

Because this ebook comes with its own Private Label Rights license, anyone can ethically and legally give it away or include it as a bonus with any package. You can even try and sell it if you dare!

To get started, click the link below to download the ebook file in ZIP format, then after you unzip the file, review its content before you leverage its potential on your website.

Click this Link to Download your Private Label Rights Digital Product Now >>


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