TGIM – So Long Howie!

Another week begins at Cybergenica & Glorious Media, and I have to admit being heavyhearted today, after God took back a life that had become most precious to me by late Sunday afternoon.

Let me digress…

As you may already know, my wife Elizabeth and I, as well as our girls Grace, Trinity, Faith and Mercy are raising all kinds of farm animals and birds on our Florida homestead. From a couple cows to a horse, turkeys, ducks, chickens and even geese, our most successful endeavor by far has been small scale goat farming.

Today, our goats and birds are scattered from Miami all the way to Georgia!

Last Friday, God blessed us with new additions to our little farm: Two goat bucks!!!

Our excitement soon gave way to despair when we realized one of the kids wasn’t doing well, and even after bottle feeding and much care, God took Howie home while he laid in my arms…

So long Howie! I promise to honor your life with mine little buddy…

I’m sorry that there will be no free PLR product today. Instead, I’ll be spending most the day loving on our animals… #TGTG #Blessed


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