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Another epic week is shaping-up at Cybergenica and Glorious Media, as well as on our homestead in historic Brooksville, FL.

First, I’m excited about the transformation of our solar powered hydroponic garden to a solar aquaponic system, basically using a solar generator I built to power a pump which draws water from a small pond filled with Tilapia and Bluegill fish. So, water from the pond which is rich in fish waste feeds the plants in the hydroponic garden, which in turn filters the water that runs back into the small pond where the fish thrive. Look for an update on this project in the weeks ahead.

On a sidenote, Elizabeth, the girls and I continue to give praise to God for the tremendous success we’ve experienced over the past year with our duck farming endeavor. This all started when we took in 3 Pekin ducks whose owner could no longer care for the feathered quacks, eventually became a flock of over 50 ducks plus a harvest of hundreds of duck eggs we used to win both state and county baking awards at each respective fair. :P

What does this have to do with internet marketing?

Well, considering we’ve been getting about 250 eggs a year from just the one laying duck hen, God willing we should be looking at a couple thousand eggs in the next year which can either be sold via the web for $25 a dozen, on Craigslist for example, or grown as meat birds since Pekin ducks continue to be among the most succulent birds out there, and at $20-$25 a pop, that’s quite a lot of dough.

Ducks aside, this week’s private label ebook focuses on well, Focus, for God’s glory!

Free PLR eBook – Focus The Key To Success

This week’s PLR gem is titled “Focus The Key To Success.”

What you do with this ebook is entirely up to You!

Because this ebook comes with its own Private Label Rights license, anyone can ethically and legally give it away or include it as a bonus with any package. You can even try and sell it if you dare!

To get started, click the link below to download the ebook file in ZIP format, then after you unzip the file, review its content before you leverage its potential on your website.

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