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Labor Day by Daniel St.Pierre

TGIM! Happy Labor Day America!


It’s Labor Day in America, and if you know the St.Pierre’s, you know what we like to eat… Burgers & hot dogs on the grill baby!!!

That’s right!

So, we’re hoping that today after we get back from the Webster Farmers Market, a weekly outing that provides ample produce for our family and our Food Is Free cart, we plan on grillin’ succulent burgers and God willing, jump in the pool and enjoy the fruit of our labor in spite of the fact we’re likely to get 3-5 thunderstorms that pound our Florida homestead every September.

It’s been quite the challenging summer for our family in the sunshine state, and I give praise to God that even though America is still under a Pandemic status, the girls, Elizabeth and I have been blessed by our Lord in more ways than I can count, and I look forward to continuing to serve Him in the months ahead as 2021 is quickly wrapping up.

It is my hope you will enjoy this Labor Day, and that you will set time aside to give God praise as you fellowship with other believers and share the gospel with those our Lord has placed in your life.

Happy Labor Day! #TGBATG

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