Social Networks Exposure, Search Engine Positioning and Email Marketing

There are only 3 pillars involved in an organically grown “model” web presence. However such a simple concept is too often ignored by “traditional” business people who instead reply on less successful marketing methods which cannot compete with modern, technology driven interactive media.

Of course to run an optimized internet marketing campaign you will also need back links. Add Link Building as a must element of any carefully planned internet marketing campaign to reap maximum harvest from your capital investment.

Your social network exposure should grow to a number close to or greater than your projected maximum number of affiliations (followers, friends, etc). Using simple tools found throughout this site, you should be able to go from 0 to 5,000 Twitter followers with very little effort and more importantly, little to no out of pocket cost

Your search engine positioning should be constantly refined to suit ever changing trends within each industry. To carefully prepare for floods and drought in your market, simply invest in a steady stream of targeted traffic through aggressive SEO, performed by a leading Christian Search Engine Company.

Email Marketing popularity and success are both on the rise. I find it difficult to imagine email marketing decreased in popularity among internet marketers in the ladder part of the decade. Statistics not only show email marketing success ratios are on the rise, so is email marketing popularity as a whole. I predict in 2018 more companies will increase their plan to incorporate email marketing as a major player in the internet marketing endeavors.

Focus on the 3 pillars described above. As you continue to peruse this blog consider your website’s internet marketing is in the hands of a Christian internet marketing expert in yours truly, with 2 goals in mind:

1. To Serve the Lord Jesus Christ

2. To Equip You, A Fellow Believer

Call on me for help with your Social Networks Exposure, Search Engine Positioning and Email Marketing campaigns. In no time it is my mission to help you reach or surpassed your goals…