Review of Hash Monster – SCAM Alert!

IMO, another offer that’s way too good to be true!

In my review of Hash Monster, I point out a few red flags that should serve as a warning to anyone interested in cloud mining.

Here is the statement released by Hash Monster just a few days ago:


Dear Miners,
a lot of customers Lost a confidence on us due to some problem on batch payments, we are currently on stage of a developing company, so bugs and glitches are expected that is the Main Purpose of the Pre-sellings. but we don’t expect the problem to grow like these.

a lot of users lost its confidence on us and spreading we are a fraud company, and it is really making a very bad impact on our Business that we might have problem on legalities because of false claims by other users.

We receive a Subpoena Today from Sweden Court that we need to stop operating for at least a 1 whole week or after we clean our Company image here at Sweden.

our mining farms need to stop its operations immediately tomorrow.

While we are in stop operations, we need to stop the following.

Mining SHA-256 Bitcoins

The Sweden Authorities needs to Audit our Company while we are on stop Operations, they need to confirm that we are really paying our investors.

Our website can still be access at this time during this matter.

We just need to fixed this asap then we can begin a another journey.

We understand your Frustration that lead you to report us to the Authorities.
We assure you that all your payment is being sent.
We Have an Average 60% Success payouts based on our Statistics,
The 40% has failed due to the New Batch System we Implemented having a glitch.

its a Shame that we need to stop the operations immediately,
Do no worry our Private Investors are still intact to us and they don’t have a plan to backout and leave us behind.

We are still on good status
We just need to fixed this first.
After we fixed this matter we will take back the old payment system (INSTANT again).

We will update everyday regarding to this matter, we are hoping to resolve this no longer a week.



To him who has an ear, let him hear.


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