Pure Bliss…

finally-freeAll I can say is… Alleluia! Less than 3 days after dumping one of the most annoying clients I ever had to deal with in over 25 years working online, I am finally sleeping through the night and able to walk up to my desk in the morning with zero fear of Wunderlist notifications with work orders in ALL CAPS!

Praise God Arthur is GONE!!!!

Because I still get email notifications of bookings from that company’s website, I browsed to their site today to notice the owner had somehow removed the translation plugin he paid us to implement just a few weeks ago. Just another completely useless work order he shoved down our throat…

I can’t imagine the kind of business owner who would remove such a powerful tool seeing how their website is entirely written in English, while most their clients speak Spanish and would potentially greatly benefit from the translation application.

So, today was a bliss filled day filled with client fulfillment projects that were truly driven by faith (and one that had to do with measuring river data :)

I’m counting the hours until the weekend when I plan on making sure my team puts in a few hours to keep clients happy, while I attend to our homestead on Glorious Acres and spend quality time with my family… :) #BlankWunderlist




One thought on “Pure Bliss…

  1. Dave R.

    Daniel, I’m so glad for you that you got rid of that dumb leech! I’ve had clients like that one who suck the life out of you and expect contractors to put all other projects aside when they hit the send button in their email client. Not worth the money as far as I’m concerned! IMO you did the right thing by cutting him loose…


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