CryptoTab Review – Can You Really Mine Bitcoin For Free?

A few weeks back, I came across CryptoTab and decided to give it a shot. I’m always looking for new and inovative ways to mine Bitcoin, and thought this Bitcoin CPU mining application might be legit.

It turns out it is for real, and with the right amount of affiliates and CPU power, I might be the next Bitcoin billionaire!!!

Hardly… :P

While I’m not expecting to rake in billions of dollars with this free Chrome and Firefox Bitcoin mining extension, I reckon I can run the tab in the background when I’m working on my computer and who knows, I might get an affiliate with an huge entourage to do the work for me!

Download the free Chrome/Firefox extension at and start mining Bitcoin instantly!

It’s never been EASIER to mine Bitcoin with any computer, PC or Mac!

Simply visit and install the free BTC mining extension approved by both Chrome and Firefox.

Happy mining!


So Simple a 6 Year Old Could Do It… And FREE!!!

So Simple A Kid Could Do ItBuilding a mailing list of 5,000+ within 1 year is so easy, my 6 year old daughter Faith could do it! And guest what? The BEST part is Anyone can do this for FREE!

If you can follow and passionately repeat a Simple 5 Step System, you too could be mailing to over 5,000 recipients by this time next year! The system does require daily time investment but otherwise, it can be a $0.00  investment out of pocket.

How Can I Build a Mailing List of 5,000+ Contacts within 1 Year for Free?

Step 1 Create a Digital Product to Be Distributed Free  ($0.00 – Free if You Do It Yourself or Buy One with Private Rights and Master Resell Rights for Only $15 Here)

This Step is critical to your Success. Avoid getting caught in a never ending loop of analysis paralysis and settle for best of show. Set a deadline by which you plan on selecting your product and moving toward production. Should you endeavor to write your own eBook, consider  Using a ghost writer, producing an eBook should take no more than a week at a cost of $50 or less. Add a $125 Custom Cover by Yours Truly and Voila! A digital Masterpiece by… YOU! Other popular digital products include MP3 Audio, Streaming or Download Friendly Video, PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations,  Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights and more. Your first goal, get your product done within 30 days!

Step 2 Promote Your Digital Product for Free using OPR and OPM ($0.00Ask Me How!)

Capitalizing on OPR – Other People’s Resources, like YouTube, Craigslist and thousands of other Web 2.0 sites, you will promote your new digital product offering it Free of charge on interactive websites “Open” for business.

Step 3 Generate 20 New Contacts per Day via Free Digital Product Downloads ($0.00)

The awareness boost generated in Step 2 results in an affluence of targeted traffic to your website thereby growing your Mailing List in tune with your promotional efforts. Your goal should be a minimum 20 New Contacts per Day. During this Step you are likely to reach a point when you will be convinced you’re doing all you can to promote your digital product, when you hit this wall do call me to find out how to multiply your efforts by Ten… or even Ten-Thousand Folds, Overnight!

Step 4 Create an Up-Sell Digital Product ($0.00 if done Yourself, Possibly PLR or MRR of Initial Digital Product, Video or Audio Versions, PowerPoint/Keynote Slides)

Once a New Contact signs-up they are now 60% likely to buy something from you, why not try sell them the Rights to the very product they endeavored to Download free of charge? This age old up-sell technique is new again and has never been more appreciated than during a recession!

Step 5 Use E-Mail Marketing and Continued OPR & OPM based Promotion to Thrive and Prosper! ($0.00 if you Know where to Look for the Web’s Best Free E-Mail Marketing, Auto-Responder and Survey Service… :)

Through E-Mail Marketing and ongoing promotional efforts meant to exponentially increase exposure and conversion, which in turn maximizes ROI. Your goal is to generate 1 Sale per Day to financially fuel Your endeavor, then Go To Step 2. It’s really that Simple!

While the process above is nothing new, the resources available certainly are! No more snail mail needed to up-sell, all you need is Love! The love for E-Mail Marketing! Each New Contact is an Opportunity to earn revenue. Do not pass on Prosperity!

Creating a digital product in the old days used to take months, or even years but now for under $20 you can buy a PLR digital product and reseller rights to boot. Thanks to the Internet you can do this within minutes, not months!

Some PLR digital products even come with Full Master Rights which means you can now claim authorship, ethically and LEGALLY!

All It Takes Is Directed, Well Managed Effort.

The reality of the matter is when it comes to Internet Marketing, what makes sense often works.

My advice is if you put in the time and effort while making certain you keep yourself informed and up to date on technology, your ebusiness will also THRIVE!


Video Marketing Is Mainstream

Is your business involved in Video Marketing? Are you aware YouTube has become both the most powerful inbound marketing tool and the most cost effective marketing channel in history?

The questions above are meant to emphasize the fact most people don’t know much about terminology, but worse, they are clueless about the trend all together!

Fact: In Business, Being Clueless Is Bad.

Let’s have a closer look at Data shall we?

At a recent Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo, Greg Jarboe, president and co-founder of SEO-PR revealed that:

  • Americans watch more videos a month on YouTube than they conduct searches on Google
  • A video is 50 times more likely to get a first-page Google ranking than a text page

Those numbers alone should impact your company’s internet marketing however some among you continue to be skeptic, relying on statistical metrics rather than opinions…

Pew Internet Research’s recent study indicated that “7 in 10 adult internet users (69%) have used the internet to watch or download video. That represents 52% of all adults in the United States.”

Statistics and Demographics for Online Video Marketing, 2010, 2011

While Video Marketing is certainly exploding, it has become obvious other channels are host to fewer interactions which in turn dictate the forthcoming trend.

Numbers from a  recent Edison Research’s study indicate that “during an average day, Americans age 12-24 spend two hours and 52 minutes on the internet, making the web the media format American young adults spend the most time consuming. Television closely follows with a daily average of two hours and 47 minutes.

What’s best about online video versus traditional television is views are measurable, which in turn produces data to be mined and used in current as well as future internet marketing endeavors.

What Took Video So Long to Catch Up to Text Blogs?

Price for one. Resources came next.

Until recently bandwidth and device restrictions prevented aggressive video marketing endeavors. In 2014, high definition cameras (such as the Flip HD) ship brand new for about $140. Amazingly enough these cameras are not only affordable, they produce quality content in tune with OPR websites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Break, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Veoh, etc.

When it comes to Video Marketing, Content is key, Not Quality!

Today’s is definitely an information age. Our society is more “driven” by knowledge than entertainment.

In 2018, successful companies will serve video marketing campaigns that educate AND entertain.

Of course when producing video you should always factor in your niche market, and its preferred devices and platforms, as you refine your media based, interactive marketing campaign.


TGIM – Jesus, Life Everlasting


I give praise to God for His perfect plan, for His blessings and favor on my life and more importantly, for His love, grace and mercy on me, a sinner.

The past couple of weeks have been quite challenging for my family and I, going without water for days after our well’s piping sprung a leak causing the pressure switch to fail. When the well repair company was wrapped up, we had water but we also had piles of black sediment (actually carbonized rust) in our sinks, showers and baths, and to make matters worse, some faucets were clogged open, leaking hundreds of gallons of hot water down the drain, or clogged shut, like one of our commodes that’s not getting any water in its tank, making flushing using a bucket a small project that’s no fun at all!

I fully understand God’s plan to be perfect, and am grateful for the challenges He places before me, and I look forward to overcoming each one in ways that are glorifying to Him, the Lord and Savior.

This promises to be yet another extremely busy week at Cybergenica and Glorious Media as we continue to serve the Christ through our businesses and ministry.

One client we’re excited to join on the narrow path that leads to God’s Kingdom involves prison ministry in the way of “How To Be A Child Of God,” an illustrated booklet that’s at the root of the Prison Evangelism outreach.

So, it’s fitting this week’s free PLR ebook is faith inspired…

Free PLR eBook – Jesus, Life Everlasting

To help you make the most of His plan for your life, this week I’m focusing on Christianity through a private label ebook about Jesus, all this in an effort to help you fulfill your mission – – for God’s glory!

This week’s PLR gem is titled “Jesus Life Everlasting.”

What you do with this ebook is entirely up to You!

This ebook comes with its own Private Label Rights license, granting you legal rights to edit, sell, give away or include it as a bonus with any package.

Click HERE to download your Free PLR eBook Now >>


What Is GDAX?


Founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, GDAX is Coinbase’s exchange trading platform.

GDAX traders can use the trading view dashboard to track the market, view trading history, monitor open orders, and more.

For advanced traders, GDAX provides a fully featured trading API and full documentation for the API can be found at

One aspect that’s very popular among cryptocurrency traders is that Coinbase account holders can just login to the GDAX exchange using existing Coinbase credentials, and start trading using funds or coin available in your Coinbase account.

In the video below, watch me set “Limit Buy” orders for both Bitcoin and Ethereum (yesterday) that were filled earlier today…

Interested in cashing-in the digital currency trend? Get $10 in Bitcoin for FREE when you sign-up to Coinbase today at and start making money in your sleep, for God’s glory! #Blessed