How to Turn your 5 Minute Video of Nothing into $5,000 a Year

One of the most mind boggling revenue generating stream bound for hype in 2017 continues to be Private Rights Labeling, a process by which anyone can, with permission, legally and ethically acquire the rights to another person’s work. This post will show you how to monetize a 5 minute video of nothing but a blue sky and white clouds…

Question: What’s special about the video above? Answer: The way it’s marketed.

While the video on its own has little entertainment value, it’s value increases dramatically when the video is sold as a Royalty Free stock video clip or better yet, distributed free of charge as a PLR digital product as part of an Internet Marketing campaign.

Sky and Clouds, Royalty Free Video Clip, Free Instant Download

Using keywords that relate to the clip, the H2 tag line above will be indexed by major search engines within minutes after I publish this post. In the next couple weeks the post will start receiving visitors which in turn will serve over 400 pings each visit.

Then I’ll add the post’s link, powered by keyword enriched anchor text to highly ranked Web 2.0 websites as part of an OPR campaign.

Finally I’ll sit back and enjoy the harvest… :)

Download Your Free Sky and Clouds video Clip here >>
This Video is available in MPG, MOV, FLV and M4V formats.


Bravo Resumes Press Release

As you may already know the Bravo Resumes website underwent a complete re-haul about 2 weeks ago, implementing a responsive theme that aimed at reaching the widest audience possible. This week, after updating the site and working out a few minor issues, the new Bravo Resumes theme went live-live to the world.

Since I wrote it, I thought appropriate to share with you the first Bravo Resumes press release:

September 11, 2015 / Tampa, FL / Bravo Resumes, a Florida based faith driven organization proudly unveils its first electronic guide titled “Interviewing 101.”

Cleverly produced by Bravo Resumes’ award winning design team, this free career building tool is receiving praises from human resources industry professional worldwide. The guide features job interviewing gems certain to maximize candidates’ potential in a time when an edge is much needed.

Working in collaboration with the Ohio Business College, Bravo Resumes’ Interviewing 101 is packed with invaluable tips and resources gathered by Bravo Resumes’ research department over the past several months.

“We are proud to have this white paper out for distribution,” says Daniel St.Pierre, Bravo Resumes founder. He adds “For months we have been talking about producing an impactful guide which led to this white paper. The resulting ebook is a work of art but more importantly, it’s a powerful tool in a time when people need it most.”

Discussing the impact of such a powerful job seeking tool, St.Pierre shares “Anyone seeking work or looking to improve their work situation absolutely need to give this guide a good read. I guarantee the time spent in perusing this white paper will be the best investment anyone’s ever made in their own career!”

Founded in 2009 after years of research and development, Bravo Resumes is the brain child of entrepreneur and Internet Marketing expert Daniel St.Pierre. Bravo Resumes provides free job seeking tips & resources and, for a limited time, offers free resume analysis. Visit the Bravo Resumes web site to take advantage of this generous offer.

To download Interviewing 101, the free career building guide by Bravo Resumes please visit:

For more information about Bravo Resumes, please call (562) 502-7286 or visit


Case Study: How I Use Non-SEO Techniques To Outrank Competitors


I’ve been blogging since 2008. On my blog, I mainly write about internet marketing. I also share insight about other topics including web production, multimedia authoring, gardening, farming, you name it.

I also rant.

My rants are designed to draw related traffic and share my point of view.

Because my blog ranks highly with Google, and other search engines, whenever I publish a post about a company, organization or even an individual, each article usually achieves top rankings across the board.

But, sometimes, even my popular blog’s PR# can be beat. When this happens, SEO is not an option.

Instead I have to resort to more aggressive techniques involving an automated RSS feed burner, and multi-thread Ping services.

After all, I wouldn’t want for my rants to be a complete waste of time now would I?

One example involves Pastor Art Dykstra, a man of the cloth who robbed me of my intellectual property while I served under him at Calvary Chapel St Petersburg, a non-profit church business located in Pinellas Park, FL.

For years, the good pastor had me working on numerous personal and ministry related projects, one of which required I provide both photography & graphic design services.

Like a drunk at a bar who gets more and more intoxicated with each sip, in pure amazement with the quality of the work I put out Pastor Art Dykstra kept placing work order after work order with no care in the world as to our agreement which clearly stipulated my work was to be used within the body and distributed at no charge.

When I found out he and Calvary Chapel St Petersburg were selling books featuring my cover art work through various sources, notably Amazon, I reached out to church leadership and requested compensation. Their answer was no.

So, I went to work doing what I do best: Answer God’s calling to expose wolves who prey on the Lord’s flock.

I leveraged my own list of Ping services, a custom built Yahoo Pipe, a screen grab YouTube video AND aggressive social sharing to rank my YouTube video and blog post at the top of search engines, thereby taking control of my story’s exposure knowing the wolves are hard at work doing what they can to erase the truth and continue posing as men of God.

The result?

Whenever anyone searches the internet for Pastor Art Dykstra, they likely watch my video rant or read my blog post.

• #2 & #4 First Page Google Rankings

• #2, #3 & #4 First Page Yahoo Rankings

• #2, #3 & #4 First Page Bing Rankings

Like I mention in the video that’s clearly displaying my work, the good pastor should have paid the piper…

So, consider this next time you find yourself looking for non-SEO strategies to rank your website on search engines for one reason, or another… ;)