New Website! Headquarters Army Navy Surplus In Tampa, FL

Responsive Web DesignWhen I joined Civil Air Patrol, the auxiliary unit to the U.S. Air Force, I knew I would eventually have a need for USAF uniform items and military gear.

As a matter of fact, my first assignment required me to wear a full on ABU camo outfit and to be honest, at over $300 for a complete uniform including boots, trousers, jacket, t-shirt, cap and name tapes, I was hoping to find surplus items locally to save a bit of money.

Daniel St.Pierre Civil Air Patrol CAP SER FL 301

So I ventured online to find local military surplus stores, and I came across Headquarters Military Surplus located in Tampa.

I noticed their Google Business listing linked to a parked domain name, so I reached out and offered to help them out as part of a barter deal.

I was able to quickly help update the dead link to their Facebook page, then endeavored to produce a simple, single page responsive website to help them improve their online presence.

My new client LOVED the resulting site, and I was able to find most the items I needed to take part in forthcoming assignments with Civil Air Patrol and USAF.




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