Mining Bitcoin Using the GekkoScience 2PAC-2 Compac BTC USB Mining Stick

Are you curious to find out if it’s still possible to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency from home or the office using a Windows PC?

The answer to this million dollar question is…. YES! YOU CAN!

The video below features the popular Gekko Science 2PAC-2 Bitcoin USB Mining Stick sold on Amazon:

I produced the video to help noobs Bitcoin miners find out how I mine Bitcoin on Windows 7/8/10 using the Gekko Science USB mining stick with a basic setup:

Laptop connected to the Internet, a USB extension (optional) and a Gekko Science 2PAC-2 Bitcoin USB Mining Stick sold on Amazon w/ FREE shipping:

Download the files you will need for FREE:

Be sure to “whitelist” or add an exception to the folder created after you download and unzip the package/folder above.

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1 – Connect Your USB Mining Device
Connect the USB Mining Stick to a hub or PC and let the device search and install a driver, if any. Expect your device to fail at automatically installing a driver for your Gekko Science USB Mining Stick.

Step 2 – Install A Generic Secure Windows Driver
Run the Zadig utility to install a Generic USB Driver. In most cases, use the WinUSB driver.

Step 3 – Edit Your Batch Files
For pool mining, signup with NiceHash and get a BTC Wallet address. If you have anti-virus software running, and/or Windows Defender turned-on, whitelist or add exceptions to the folder containing your Bitcoin mining files, then edit the Pool Mining and/or Solo Mining batch files using a text editor, and replace the Bitcoin wallet address therein with your own. Save files before exiting or running.

Step 4 – Run CGMiner
Run the Batch file of your choice, either Pool or Solo mining.

Step 5 – Chill…
Sit back and plan your retirement! :P

Unless you get lucky mining solo, and find/process a 12.5 BTC transaction block, expect very little from mining Bitcoin on a pool using a single USB stick.

Happy Mining!

Get your Gekko Science 2PAC USB Mining Stick on Amazon w/ FREE shipping:

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2 thoughts on “Mining Bitcoin Using the GekkoScience 2PAC-2 Compac BTC USB Mining Stick

  1. Janeth T.

    You make it look so easy to mine Bitcoin. I’ll have to give this a try! Thank you for the post Daniel.


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