Mid-Life Crisis? LOL Yeah Buddy!

So here I am a month or so passed hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the loss of two of our most beloved newly born farm animals, several power, internet, air conditioning and even water/well issues. I am well, alive and, very unfortunately, overwhelmed with guilt.

When so many lost so much, and suffered through devastation I can’t even begin to imagine, my family, neighbors and I were faced with a limited spectrum of challenges, but by God’s will, electricity was in abundance on Glorious Acres with a gas generator powering our home as well as our neighbor’s refrigerator/freezer. I also had a solar generator power my office after we lost power the night before the storm.

Since then, I hit rock bottom. I realized I’m having a mid-life crisis.

I didn’t buy a sports car. I already have one… ;)

I didn’t buy a boat to go fishing and snorkeling. Instead, I built cane poles with my wife and daughters for free.

I didn’t go on a trip with my best friend to watch a Nascar race. I stayed home, connected the TV to a 35 year old antenna using 100ft of co-ax wire I got for $6, then watched the race with my girls.

So what did I do for my so called “mid-life crisis?”


When i was 4 years old or so, my dad got my a go kart for my birthday. It was red. It had no motor. My father was such loser, he never put an engine on the kart.

Yesterday, I bought a go kart from a liar, an imbecile who spent close to 2 hours trying to install a throttle cable on a Honda engine that clearly was not going to fit. A half dozen tie wraps, a metal screw, a hose clamp of sorts that was too big for the job, hence the need for a screw to be jammed inside the oversized ose clamp… Without a doubt, the worst hack job I ever seen, and worse, it didn’t even work!!!

So today, on my daughter Trinity’s 10th birthday, I wrenched on the go kart, custom built a governor tensioner plate using steel plating, my grinder and a power drill, took out the motor and re-drilled all 4 engine mount holes in the frame, replaced the engine, replaced both front wheels, adjusted the throttle cable and added 2 springs to the governor to prevent the kart from taking off on its own.

The result?

A $200 mid-life crisis that is eating up our homestead one driver at a time! From yours truly to my lovely wife, screaming all the way, Trinity driving with a pudding smile, Grace breaking “posted” speed limits, again, and last but not least, Faith, fearless, genuinely awesome.

I am #blessed…



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