Long Time Comin’

It’s been over 30 years since I last wore a military uniform, and I give praise to God that today, I get to proudly wear my U.S. Air Force ABU’s to tonight’s SER FL 301 “Blackwatch” Civil Air Patrol meeting.

Daniel St.Pierre Civil Air Patrol CAP SER FL 301

After being approached on countless occasions to join CAP, after my daughter Grace became a cadet last August, I was finally able to commit to a year’s worth of meetings, O-flights, encampments, special events (like this week’s Sun’n Fun Airshow & Expo in Lakeland) as well as, of all things, U.S. Air Force training missions.

On top of all this, as a Civil Air Patrol member, I am trained in Emergency Services and likely to be called upon should a search & rescue or disaster relief mission pop up locally, or asked to assist Homeland Security and even help with counter drug endeavors.

Thus far, all I’ve done is take online courses, take & pass qualifications tests, attend weekly meetings, help put together one of CAP’s gliders, I was records keeper during the last glider O-flights and I also participated in a United Way/Publix appreciation outing.

There’s quite a lot on the horizon including this week’s airshow in Lakeland, where Grace and I will man the CAP static display & guard the Civil Air Patrol airplane, bivouac in Lakeland until sun when she sings the anthem. After the airshow, I have a U.S. Air Force search & rescue training mission on the east coast of Florida, then the Florida Civil Air Patrol Florida Wing conference in May taking place in Orlando, once again Grace and I will represent CAP this time at the Florida Homeschool Convention also in Orlando, and of course, more O-flights, meetings and God willing, very few search and rescue or disaster relief missions in the mix.

I look forward to serving our great nation through Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary to the U.S. Air Force. Stay tuned for updates about Grace and my CAP adventures… #TGBATG


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