Is Pastor Art Dykstra a Thief? You Be The Judge!

Watch this shocking video of pastor Art Dykstra’s book titled “Be A Nehemiah” featuring cover art work by Daniel St.Pierre, yours truly.

I volunteered to design a handbook cover for a free missions handbook, intended to be used to train Calvary Chapel St Petersburg short term missionaries. Today, I found out the “free handbook” is now for sale online on a bunch of websites, including Amazon and of course, zero mention of the artist who spent over 20 hours producing the masterpiece!!!!

Years ago, I was asked by pastor Dykstra to design a cover for a book he wrote which he described as a missions handbook that was going to be given out free of charge, and used as a training tool for short term missionaries at Calvary Chapel St Petersburg.

The resulting cover art work involved over 20 hours of conceptualization, photography and graphic design atop dealing with a very difficult client… all for free as a willing CC St Pete volunteer.

You may not know this, but Calvary Chapel St Petersburg has been flourishing in the last decade, to the point they’ve paid for a multi-Million dollar building and land in Cash! The senior pastor, Danny Hodges has made countless statements about the church’s financial thriving, and even the fact God has been so good to the church and its congregation, their Benevolence Fund hasn’t been touched or needed replenishing in years!

I wonder who else is getting exploited?

God willing, “blameless” pastor Art Dykstra and Calvary Chapel St Pete will be served a search warrant in the days ahead as the FBI comes looking for a commercial license for the work I created, but NEVER permitted to be used commercially. No license means no right to profit commercially from another person’s Intellectual Property. I bet pastor Art plans on pleading ignorance when the feds come looking for a license I never issued…

But I won’t sue the man, I’m a true servant of the Lord, not a Pharisee! I do as advised by my peers and file an Intellectual Property Theft claim against Calvary Chapel Saint Petersburg & pastor Art Dykstra, then watch them self-destruct. I have proof this is my work, my bible, my hammers and even my ply wood! I have the photographs, the Photoshop files, the email trail. I have the truth!

The worst part is, this is only 1 page in the Book of Exploitation I am writing about pastor Art Dykstra and Calvary Chapel of St Petersburg, where my family and I were victims who were trampled upon by the very people who claim to be blameless.

There’s much, much more coming in the weeks and months ahead as this Federal Case is filed and pursued according to the full extent of copyright and intellectual property laws.

To him who has an ear, let him hear. #TGTG #OAMFG


14 thoughts on “Is Pastor Art Dykstra a Thief? You Be The Judge!

    1. Daniel St.Pierre Post author

      Yes, again. I was blind, but now I see. These 503(c) nonprofits are gateways for the lost, but should not be treated as the Church, rather they are billboards for Christ behind which hide vipers like pastor Art Dykstra, pastor Bob Corry and pastor Danny Hodges, wolves in sheep’s clothing that exploit their flock and suck the blood of believers, rather than pour out the blood of Yeshua. Calvary Chapel St Petersburg is led by thieves and liars who hide from the truth like roaches. They’ll deny their sin until judgment day when the Lord tells each one of them, I NEVER KNEW YOU! To him that has an ear, let him hear.

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  2. paul westby

    Daniel, I did a search for the book “Be A Nehemiah” on Amazon and came up empty, no results for the book or the ISBN. It looks to me like you won this battle. Perhaps, now that the issue is resolved, you could let this go and remove this post and your YouTube video, which I discern are both very damaging to pastor Art even if, as you documented, he did steal your intellectual property? Remember, as the Lord forgives your sin, you are called to forgive others. I feel this is a great opportunity for you to forgive someone who trespassed you, and in the process, show your love for God.

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    1. Daniel St.Pierre Post author

      Hello Shawn, thanks for your comment. To answer your question, no, pastor Art Dykstra never tried to make things right with me, in spite of the fact I served under him for over 5 years, and invested several hundred hours with the Calvary Chapel St Petersburg Mission Ministry he leads to this day. Instead he changed and/or removed the cover of his book on Amazon and other websites, and eventually, pulled the book altogether in an attempt to disassociate himself and Calvary Chapel St Petersburg from the intellectual property theft, and the countless videos & articles on the topic. Over the years, I found this to be typical of non-profit companies that capitalize on faith or religion. It’s very unlikely anyone at Calvary Chapel St Petersburg will ever admit their wrong doing, instead they will likely blame me for exposing the truth and label yours truly as a trouble maker, or call me unforgiving, etc. All I know is, since I answered God’s call to expose Art Dykstra as a thief, my life has been transformed. Plus, when I addressed the fact Art’s house was not in order as his wife, Robin Kay dishonored both her husband and the church pursuing a career as a secular model and actress, posing in attire that promote lust, serving the forces of evil for profit, more of God’s favor was poured out on my family and I. Our Lord’s message has been clear. Through my blog, the further I expose pastor Art Dykstra and Robin Kay, his harlot wife as both disgraces to Christianity, the more growth I experience spiritually, personally & professionally. God is love. But His love, like mine, is not always perceived as love. This post, rebuking in its tone should be considered equally loving.

  6. Brenda

    What a scum bag! Typical pastor abuse on his flock!!!! These wolves must be exposed, thank you Daniel for having the courage to share the truth about this Lucifer in the flesh!!!! I trust our Lord will see this scum’s life is drowned in misery and his wife Robin Kay is plagued with earthly pain, in the way of cancer, and much suffering. Shame on YOU Art Dykstra!!! You’re NOT a man of God, you’re a man driven by GREED who takes advantage of your position within God’s family. I feel strongly you will BURN you wolf!!!!

    1. Crystal

      Thieves. All of them at Calvary chapel st pete. Please be careful where you choose to worship the Lord .

  7. Charlotte Rice

    I have to say it’s rather obvious pastor Art Dykstra indeed did you wrong by not giving you credits for your cover art work, then he took a step too far by using your work for profit without your consent. I agree with you 100% that Calvary Chapel St Petersburg owes you and your family Daniel, but that doesn’t give you the right to bash them publicly as you have. In my opinion, you should pursue this in a more amicable manner and meet with church leadership, discuss the issue and leave it up to God to manifest His will. Your thoughts?

    1. Daniel St.Pierre Post author

      Greetings Charlotte, thank you for your input. When I did meet with church leadership and informed them my family and I decided to join another fellowship following the countless intellectual property theft issues I was a victim of, they completely ignored the fact they exploited my artistic talent and my desire to serve, then requested that my family and I leave the property, and not return. It was the reaction of so called church leadership which prompted this and other posts about Calvary Chapel St Petersburg.

  8. Marc

    Daniel, you asked “Is Pastor Art Dykstra a Thief?” And my answer is a simple one. To you, it’s obvious he is because you feel he stole from you, or perhaps wronged you in some way. However, you must consider the flip side of the story, where Pastor Dykstra’s understanding could be completely different than yours. Either way, I find it incredibly shady that your name was not mentioned as the cover artist, after all, book covers are often the most important part of any book distributed or sold commercially. I’m curious to find out if you ever considered suing Calvary Chapel or Pastor Dykstra to teach them a lesson, or did you let the whole thing go?

  9. Madison Moore

    Don’t know if pastor Art Dykstra is a thief like I heard in the video, but he did bail from the sinking ship that’s Calvary Chapel St Pete just after Danny Hodges and his wife Wendy got fired. He took a new job a few miles down the road. He is now leading a new flock in Feather Sound, FL called Feather Sound Community Church, and their website is I hate to say it brother but it looks to me that pastor Dykstra got away with stealing from you boss…


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