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I Love Birthdays… Again!

Just a few days ago for her 13th birthday, Trinity and I took flight at Tampa’s iFly, where people of all ages and all abilities spread their wings in wind tunnels all over the world. (But not all weights, if you’re over 250 pounds, you’re grounded!!!)

You see, Trinity has been wanting to fly for years and although she has flown in the back seat and front seat of helicopters before, she’s very disappointed that in over a year with Civil Air Patrol, she has yet to fly gliders and/or single engine planes with CAP, mainly because of the Covid pandemic.

So for her 13th birthday, we FLEW!

In the video above, I go first (wearing blue flight suit)with the instructor, Brad who’s wearing red. Next is Trinity on her very first flight in a wind tunnel, she quickly gets a hold of the wind and less than 20 seconds into her first flight, she’s flying all on her own and even scared herself a bit when she rose over 7-8 feet in the air!

It took a few tries to get level and maintain flight, but we did it! Taking flight at iFly is by far one of the best $100 bills I ever spent on a birthday – Bar none!

Thanks to Brad, our instructor, we had a BLAST! If you prefer a hands off experience, I strongly recommend you only fly with Brad… ;)

And with 3 more daughters to fly with, I can’t wait for THEIR birthdays!!!

Then again, why wait until next year? I think I know what the girls are getting for Christmas this year… iFly gift cards!!!!


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