How to Turn your 8 Minute Video of Nothing into $5,000 a Year

One of the most mind boggling revenue generating stream bound for hype in 2018 continues to be YouTube Marketing, a process by which anyone can, with permission, legally and ethically acquire the rights to another person’s work.

This post will show you how to monetize an 8 minute video of nothing but a blue sky and white clouds…

Question: What’s special about the video above?

Answer: The way it’s marketed.

While the video on its own has little entertainment value, it’s value increases dramatically when the video is distributed free of charge on YouTube where the video is monetized. For example, the video above received over 260,000 views, which translates into quite a lot of smackeroos… :)

Plus, the video can also be sold as a Royalty Free stock video clip on various online services including iStock, Pond5, BigStock and even the Adobe collection.

Sky and Clouds, Royalty Free Video Clip, Free Instant Download

Using keywords that relate to the clip, the H2 tag line above will be indexed by major search engines within minutes after I publish this post. In the next couple weeks the post will start receiving visitors which in turn will serve over 400 pings each visit.

Then I’ll add the post’s link, powered by keyword enriched anchor text to highly ranked Web 2.0 websites as part of an OPR campaign.

Finally I’ll sit back and enjoy the harvest… :)