How to Publish an eBook on Amazon For Free


Amazon is much more than an online store. Amazon is the largest paid search engine in the world. People don’t Google things with their credit cards out, ready to buy, like they do with Amazon.

Yes, you can get published, see your message spread, and make good money using nothing more than a keyboard and your brain.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Write (or Re-Write)

This is by far the most complicated step, unless of course you already have a manuscript, such as a private label ebook to start from. Once you have an acceptable version of your book written, you’re 80% done!

Step 2: Format and Design

For best results, you’ll need to format your ebook for Kindle, for example using a free program called Calibre. Then, you’ll need to design a cover. Either DIY or hire Glorious Media to do this for you.

Step 3: Publish

This 10 minute step actually makes your book available for sale on Simply sign-in at and follow the user friendly publishing instructions therein.

Now that you’ve submitted your ebook for review, all you can do is wait 24-48 hours before your work goes live on the Amazon web site.

Remember, ebook publishing is more than a cost effective way to grow your business or ministry, it’s a great way to fulfill the Great Commission!


One thought on “How to Publish an eBook on Amazon For Free

  1. Robert Hox

    Great post Daniel, wonderful insight about self publishing. I find it amazing that technology has made it possible for anyone to publish a book, albeit a digital book. Thanks for sharing! God bless you and your wonderful family.


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