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How To Give To Texas & Louisiana Hurricane & Flood Victims Using Bitcoin

How To Give To Texas Flood Victims Using BTC

Another epic storm is upon the United-States where God’s wrath continues to be felt throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Thousands of families have been evacuated from their homes, and are now displaced and homeless. Your help is greatly needed.

If you are unable to help locally, or participate in some type of remote relief effort, you can still make a difference by giving online to the American Red Cross.

In the event you prefer donating to the Red Cross using BTC, ETH or LTC through our Christian Ministry, Thrive Through Christ, I invite you to use the addresses below:

Texas Flood Victims BTC Address: 1P3A1dr7yQbw8AcrLUBGTem5iDCaB12Ata

Texas Flood Victims ETH Address: 0xB66D6B82442ab4b83D929337c06e54Cdd837277a

Texas Flood Victims LTC Address: LiTPdQEp31w1vwrfrH1RXxXq5feyJmfyQF

Note that all transactions will be recorded in each respective blockchain, that all transfers are final and that only a GDAX “market adjusted” amount you transferred will be added to our combined Red Cross contributions.

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